Welcome to our web site which is dedicated entirely to the laser treatment of unwanted hair and devoted to people living in the Pittsburgh area.

This web site will continually update you on the newest and very latest developments in the field of laser hair removal including the latest lasers and approved methods of using them to their optimum advantage with the minimum of discomfort. We encourage you to visit frequently and come back often to follow our frequently published articles pertaining to you and the laser hair removal of your unwanted hair in this exciting, rapidly changing and continually evolving field.

Why pay for expensive packages that you won't need?

  1. Price is important. No need for expensive package deals paying for treatments that you won't use.

  2. Pay only for what you need. No hidden contracts or deceptive fine print.

  3. We are both reputable and have been in private medical practice in this community since 1986 and are also more affordable than the package deal franchises.

  4. Beware of Competitor's Packages Offering 50-70% Off or "You've just won a $300 Sweepstakes for Laser HairRemoval."

  5. If it sounds too good to be true...

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