Laser Hair Removal Contracts Are a Terrible Idea! – Happel Laser

Laser Hair Removal Contracts Are a Terrible Idea! – Happel Laser

First things first.

Before we get started.

We need to discuss what a laser hair removal contract is exactly.


  • First, because this concerns the total cost of your laser hair removal treatments (even if you haven’t received them yet).
  • Second, the total cost is dependent on the cost per treatment and the total number of treatments required.
  • Third, contracts are legal documents that limit your options entirely if you are not happy with the treatments or your results.

Now, let’s begin.

Definition of a Written Contract

From a legal standpoint, a contract is a document that you sign that is deliberately intended to be enforceable by law.

It is legally binding.

That means that once you sign it, you cannot get out of it.

They will not release you from your contract no matter what your excuse is.

Your credit card company cannot get you out of it.

If you try to break it, you will be sued.

Before you sign any type of contract, think long and hard.

Never sign anything that is legally binding on the day that a contract is set before you.

It is a business agreement.

Included is a promise to do something (remove hair) in return for your payment.

Legally, a contract involves an offer, an acceptance, a promise, a payment (which in legal terms is called a consideration), a time, terms and conditions and finally the actual laser treatment.

It is voluntary and from a legal standpoint it requires your consent (your signature).

You are legally obligated to fulfill your part of it (pay the total amount).

That just means that the person selling a laser hair removal contract can force you to sign.

But they will do everything in their power to make the sale.

Their job is to make you feel like they are your best friend.

Their livelihood depends on it. 

 The simple answer is not to get locked into dishonest laser hair removal packages.

Don’t Get Locked into Dishonest Laser Hair Removal Packages

How Can You Get Out of a Laser Hair Removal Contract?You can’t.

 Their lawyers realize that many people want to change their minds after a person signs the contract.

That’s why they purposely don’t include a clause about your right to cancel.

However, they can cancel treatments if they consider you too tan.

What if the laser is painful and you don’t like it? Too bad, so sad.

What if you didn’t get the results that you expected? Too bad, so sad.

What if you had a laser complication? Too bad, so sad.

What if they went out of business and declared bankruptcy. Too bad, so sad.

What if you move, lose your job, or have a health issue which prevents you from going to the laser hair removal office where you signed that contract? Too bad, so sad.

Laser hair removal contracts are binding, remember?

They are valid and enforceable.

Failure of you to pay the total amount of the series of treatments (even if you didn’t receive them) is breach of the contract.

You are liable.

That means that you are responsible by law and legally answerable.

Googling people for help won’t work either. Neither will your Facebook friends be able to help (if you’re not too embarrassed to post it).

That means you’ll be stuck like this unfortunate laser hair removal person.

If you sign the laser hair removal contract at their place of business, there isn’t even any state or federal three day cooling off period in which you can change your mind.

You’re totally screwed!

Secret Revealed: Contracts for Laser Hair Removal Always Include a Package

Why a package?

Because these places make more money by selling you a package.

Packages keep you coming back even if you aren’t totally satisfied.

You’re obligated to continue because you have no choice in the matter.

Usually it’s a package of nine treatments.

No one can predict the number of treatments that you will require.

Incidentally, if you look it up on the internet, most places mention that 4-8 treatments are usually enough to satisfy the hair reduction that most people seek for laser hair removal.

These packages are heavily preloaded.

That means the first number that they show you is ridiculously high.

From this point, they will start discounting and throwing in areas for “free.”

Make sure the discounts aren’t written with words like – “up to” 2 years guaranteed.

Those are just sales tactics designed to get you to sign up that day without really thinking about it much.

Don’t be crazy and not research the place.

Read reviews and especially pay attention to complaints posted from unsatisfied customers.

Do that before you go for your initial consultation.

If you still want to risk thousands of dollars on a package “deal”, don’t purchase their nine treatments with their credit card.

Even if it’s no interest. They want you to buy on impulse and be locked in.

Don’t fall for it.

Comparison shop first.

Look at the laser hair removal office’s reputation, their total experience, customer complaints on the internet, and total cost.

Is it done in a doctor’s office or a sketchy salon?

Make sure that the laser that they use is the best for your skin and hair color.

Always read the fine print and take the contract home before you sign it.


Please take signing legal contracts for laser hair removal very seriously.

I have said this repeatedly in previous articles.

I might as well write, “Xghjmoic grifcdewsxvob khim uphwquatl”.

Unfortunately, most people who sign these contracts don’t follow this blog.

Remember- contracts are legally binding.

Once you sign a contract, you cannot get out of it.

Even if you didn’t receive the laser hair removal treatments, you still have to pay for all that you signed up for!

Your credit card company cannot get you out of it.

That’s thousands of dollars down the toilet.

Happel Laser does not ask you to sign a contract.

We consider laser hair removal to be a medical procedure.

Did you ever sign a contract when you had a medical procedure?

That’s ludicrous.

Call us today at 724-969-0600 to learn how you can save money having the number of treatments that you need to remove unwanted hair without signing a contract.

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