The Best Laser Hair Removal Tips and Guide for Your Kids

The Best Laser Hair Removal Tips and Guide for Your Kids

Why School Bullies Hate Laser Hair Removal for Teenagers

Teen years are tough enough without the awkward stress of unwanted hair. In our culture, this is especially true for girls.

Girls tend to be more self-conscious about their appearance. That is common sense but was also scientifically proven in this article

So girls really are more self-conscious.

Many feel that our society stresses physical appearance too much.

This invaluable laser hair removal resource will guide you through the minefield of how to proceed and solve this problem.

There is a natural desire for conformity and social acceptance. Peer pressure may cause your child to bring up the option of laser hair removal to you. Our society is especially focused on physical appearance so unwanted facial hair and arm hair for teens is especially embarrassing.

Has your daughter been teased, suffered emotional distress, or bullied because of hair on her face, lip or arms?

Being called cruel names is especially hurtful during these formative years.

Hair in the wrong places can negatively affect your daughter’s self-image.

Ignoring the problem can lead to anguish that is very preventable.

Where Do You Start as a Parent?

  1.  Choose the right medical clinic. Don’t take your child to a national laser chain where there are no doctors involved.
  2.  Do not have this done in a nail salon, beauty salon or a med spa.
  3.  Make sure the clinic is operated by a physician who is on site and does not just own the office in name only.
  4. Even though the majority of teenage girls have undesirable hair because of inherited genetic causes, underlying medical problems should be ruled out.

Precocious puberty and disorders of sexual development may be the fundamental cause in some cases.

For young females, this scientific hair article studied 4693 teenage girls. Two years after menarche, 48.8% of black girls and 9% of white girls had some degree of hair on their upper lip. They stated that this condition is more prevalent in adolescents than in older women. 

In our experience, many young female patients inherited their unwanted hair because of their Greek, Italian, Hispanic, Indian or Middle Eastern background.

Raging hormones and puberty raise problems and questions about unwanted hair.

Mom, You Need to Know:

  1. Is laser hair removal safe for teenagers?
  2. What is the minimum age for laser hair removal?
  3. How old do you have to be to get laser hair removal?
  4. What is the best age to get laser hair removal?
  5. Is there an age restriction for laser hair removal?
  6. Is there an age limit (cut off) for laser hair removal?

The bottom line is:

For laser hair removal in teens there are:

  • No age restrictions
  • No age minimums
  • No age limits

It is safe if done in the right hands.

There is no best age to have it done.

So here’s the thing.

Your child just needs to be mature enough to understand that laser hair removal is a process. It takes multiple treatments. They must also understand that this is a quest for a final result. It takes motivation and patience. Laser hair removal for teens will pay off in the long run in money and time saved.

Laser Hair Removal Points Specific to Teens:

Softball, swimming, soccer, and other summer sports where sun exposure is inevitable can be problematic. Participating in these types of sports and getting tanned is a contraindication for laser hair removal.

Your children must stay out of the sun before and after laser treatments as directed by your laser specialist.

Teenage skin is delicate. Hyperpigmentation may result if your teen begins tanning soon after a treatment. Before the treatments, any tanned skin will attract the laser light and could result in a burn.

To get successful results, your children must be mature enough both physically and mentally. Maturity at this age is one of the most important predictors of success.

Is your child mature enough to understand the procedure, the care afterwards and what is expected before the procedure?

What is your child’s motivation at this age? 

Cost is an important consideration. More treatments may be necessary during the teen years because of the new hormonal release.

Results in teens also depend on: 

  • Genetics
  • Ethnicity
  • Medications that your child is taking
  • Realistic expectations
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Time restraints
  • Commitment
  • Cost

By the onset of puberty, we have found that most kids are able to handle the treatments and see good results.

Teenagers may require more laser treatments than adults may because their hormonal fluctuations.

Does Laser Work on Everyone to Remove Unwanted Hair?

Read this article to see if your child is a good candidate for laser hair removal.

It works best on people with dark hair and fair skin. Laser will not work on peach fuzz unless the hairs are dark in color.

The problem is that many teens with unwanted hair don’t fall in the category of being an ideal candidate.

I would not recommend intense pulsed light (IPL) for hair removalIt does not work the same as laser. Laser is generally accepted to be more effective for laser hair removal than intense pulsed light.

Vaniqua, a medication that requires a prescription, alone will not work. It’s results are highly variable from one person to the next. It is used in conjunction with laser hair removal in some cases.

Laser is very effective for reducing the hair that is already present. It cannot prevent new hair from developing in the future.

You must be aware of another condition that causes abnormal hair growth called hirsutism. This may be the result of a medical condition. In girls, polycystic ovary syndrome and hormonal disorders can cause unwanted dark, thick hair to grow on the face – especially on the chin and upper lip. Dark hair may also be seen on the chest, back and abdomen. Some medications, like anabolic steroids, phenytoin (Dilantin), danazol (Danocrine), and cyclosporine can also cause hirsutism.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Pain perception is closely related to anxiety and fear.

Kids in the early pubescent period may have a higher degree of anxiety. Laser although not painful for many adults, has varying degrees of discomfort involved.

If you as a parent make raise questions about the procedure before a treatment, your child will notice this. Your child could become overly anxious making the treatment more uncomfortable than it otherwise would be.

Many people describe it feeling like a rubber band snap in intensity. If a cooling device like cryogen or cold air is used, that makes the procedure much more comfortable. Compared to waxing, it is much less painful and the results reduce the number of hairs more permanently with each treatment.

Be aware of all of the alternatives including bleaching before you decide for your child.

Alternatives to Laser Hair Removal

  • Electrolysis is usually not a good option in this age group because it is more time consuming, usually takes more visits, and requires a degree of patience and understanding that many teens do not have.
  • Many people find electrolysis more painful. Remember with electrolysis, the hairs are removed with electricity one hair at a time.
  • Laser is usually less expensive in the long run.
  • Alternatives like depilatory creams or waxing may be too much for delicate young skin.
  • Vaniqua cream, a medication, is ineffective unless used in conjunction with another method of hair removal like laser.

Where Should I Take My Child for Laser Hair Removal?

If you are a mom reading this, the bottom line is this:

Before you go through a costly laser hair removal series of treatments, have your child evaluated by an experienced laser hair removal physician, your dermatologist or an endocrinologist. If you do, you will you be assured that there is no underlying problem causing the hair growth.  With underlying conditions, laser treatments can be more costly and will be less effective. If underlying conditions exist, they should be treated first.

The dilemma for most moms for their daughters is safety and effectiveness.

Laser hair removal for teenagers is effective and safe in the right hands.

However, in the wrong hands, under the wrong conditions, with the wrong settings, or with the wrong laser, there could be problems.

Experienced medical laser doctors (not med spas) will give you and your child the best chances of both safe and effective long-term hair removal.

“My suggestion is that all these procedures be performed by physicians,” said Dr. Roy Geronemus, the director of the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York in Manhattan. “Not the least because they can point out possible causes of excessive hair such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.”

Is Laser Hair removal Safe for Teens


Laser is a light. 

It is not radiation.

It cannot cause cancer.

It cannot lead to infertility.

It will not affect your daughter’s hormones.

It does not cause more hair to grow out later.

Laser hair removal has been around for over two decades.

The long term effects are well known. It will not cause ill effects down the line.

Laser hair removal in the right hands is very safe for teens.

Read this article about the safety of laser hair removal in teens.


Teenagers and children whose parents are considering laser hair removal must realize that their child must be mature enough and motivated for it to work and be safe. Because of the hormones often brought to light by genetics or heredity, laser hair removal in pubescent children may take more visits to clear the unwanted hair adequately.

First, make sure there is no underling medical cause for the unwanted hair like polycystic ovary syndrome, medication side effects or hypertrichosis.

After your laser doctor, dermatologist or endocrinologist has ruled out a hormonal balance, the laser hair removal process can begin.

With the advances in the field and the current stage of laser technology, for some kids it has become a coming-of-age procedure – like getting braces.

Kids raised on reality TV and celebrity makeovers are more “diva-like” and accepting of modern technology like laser hair removal.

The days of suffering unnecessary embarrassment, humiliation, ridicule, and loss of self-esteem over unwanted hair in teens is over thanks to modern advances like laser hair removal.

Why put your child through more psychosocial stress and trauma by putting it off?

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