Fun Quiz on How to Find the Best Pittsburgh Laser Hair Removal

Fun Quiz on How to Find the Best Pittsburgh Laser Hair Removal

How You Can Find the Best Pittsburgh Laser Hair Removal at the Best Price

You can learn a lot about a subject from just for fun quizzes.

This quiz is different.

It is designed to save you a lot of money and aggravation.

Don’t worry if the answers aren’t obvious.

We will give the correct answers immediately.

The time required is less than 5 minutes.



Question #1  Can Laser Hair Removal Really Improve Your Love Life?

For most ladies, the answer will be yes to “all of the below”.

If your concern is facial hair, no man will want to look at, much less feel the hair on your face when you kiss.

The same goes for underarm hair. In this country, our culture frowns on women with hairy underarms. The trapped bacteria in the armpit are the main cause of body odor. Smelly underarms are not sexy.

If your concern is the bikini area, men appreciate smooth, silky skin. For this area, hair is out and skin is in.

As for your legs, no man wants to feel that hairy stubble during intimate encounters. That’s a no brainer.

Smooth and soft is sexy.

It’s as simple as that.

Question #2  What Will Be My Cost for Each Laser Hair Removal Treatment So I Can Compare?

This is a really tough question.

Most laser hair offices will push packages.

Since laser hair removal takes multiple treatments, you must ask yourself, am I getting the most bang for my buck per treatment?

On the other hand, am I being enticed with promotions, which actually raise the cost per treatment if you take the time and effort to break it down?

At most laser places, the initial offer is front-loaded.

That means they hit you right off the bat with an outrageously high price for a series of treatments.

Then the discounts, BOGOs, guarantees and free offers treatments on other body parts begin.

The calculation of the cost per treatment becomes very complicated.

One thing that is common with this approach is that the price per treatment will be two to three times higher than if you purchased the treatments individually.

You must also realize that buying a package is risky.

  • What if the laser treatments don’t work because your skin is too dark or your hair is too light?
  • What if you finance them and later can’t keep paying for any reason?
  • What if the laser hair removal office declares bankruptcy like Premier Laser Spa, or American Laser Skincare ?
  • What if you just don’t like it for whatever reason and want to get out of your contract?

That is impossible.

Just search the internet or read these horror stories about these legally binding laser hair removal contracts. 

Don’t buy expensive laser hair removal packages.

Question #3  How Do I Keep From Being Pushed into Buying Other Services?

That’s an easy one for us to answer.

Simply go to a place that doesn’t offer other cosmetic services.

Wouldn’t you rather go to a physician’s office that specializes in only laser hair removal?

Other places in Pittsburgh all offer Botox, injectable fillers, wrinkle removal, cellulite and fat removal machines and skin treatments.

Do you want to be asked the medi spa equivalent of “do you want fries with your burger?” every time that you have a laser hair removal treatment?

Question #4  Are the Laser Hair Removal Treatments Being Done Outside the Safety of a Doctor’s Office?

Safety is rarely on the mind of the average patient who inquires about laser hair removal.

The first and main thing for most people is the cost of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is performed in dentist’s offices, chiropractor’s offices, physical therapy offices, hair salons, and medi spas where “ghost doctors” oversee operations in name only.

You must ask yourself if you are taking laser treatments too lightly if you really don’t care where you choose to have your laser treatments performed.

The following link is another true story of one of those laser hair removal disasters that occurred just a few miles down the road from us in a dental office.

Laser hair removal lawsuits are on the rise.

Real risks like burns, scarring and pigmentation issues plague laser centers where there is no physician actually on site.

The laser is a medical instrument like a scalpel, a hemostat or a needle holder.

In the wrong hands, laser treatments can result in a disaster.

You must know ahead of time:

  • Are the lasers being properly maintained?
  • Are they purchased used or are the lasers rented?
  • Are you getting an inferior laser like the “laser-lite” IPL (intense pulsed light) machine that is not a laser at all?

The answers to these questions should raise red flags if the answer is yes.

Most people never consider asking these questions.

Don’t be fooled.

Question #5  What is the Name of the Doctor in Charge?

Most people won’t ask this question. They won’t ask the doctor’s qualifications (if there even is one).

Have the laser technicians ever seen the doctor in charge? Ask for fun before you sign up.

If you were injured from a laser treatment, where would you go?

To a doctor.


Why not start your laser hair removal at a medical facility where the doctor is already on duty during your treatment.

You would be surprised to really know the answer to these most basic and important questions.

Will the doctor be in the facility and available if there are problems?


I must admit that this was a very difficult test.

We hope that you enjoyed our quiz and learned a few things from taking it.

These are the take home points:

When you are looking for a laser hair removal office, be an aggressive self-advocate to avoid laser hair removal regret later.

Patient self-advocacy is an important principle when considering laser hair removal.

Know exactly what you need to do ahead of time to get the best results at the best price.

To save money and serious aggravation, you must do your due diligence and do some thorough research in your investment.

Just looking for the closest or the cheapest laser hair removal is a recipe for disaster.

At many places in the city, people begin with a microdermabrasion or a massage and are “talked into” more invasive laser hair removal treatments.

Beware of the boundaries of the place where you receive medical cosmetic procedures.

We know the answers to all of your laser hair removal questions!

Now that you know how to find the best Pittsburgh laser hair removal office, read our Google reviews and call us at 724-969-0600 or contact us here to learn more.

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