The Best Bikini Line Hair Removal Office in Pittsburgh

The Best Bikini Line Hair Removal Office in Pittsburgh

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini: the 1965 Movie with Frankie and Annette

Maybe you can recall this film title, which featured Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. They played Frankie and Dee Dee in their final roles together in 1965. There was no bikini line hair removal option back then.

Many people also think this movie was a stinker but weren’t all of their movies?

Nowadays, you certainly wouldn’t want to stuff any bikini with a lot of ugly, gross, and coarse pubic hair. When you come to think of it, who really likes pubic hair?

The human race has been battling pubic hair since when the early Egyptians used to try to tweeze off their unwanted pubic hair with clamshells.

What are your Options for Removing Pubic Hair?

Electrolysis for the bikini line?

Fuh-get about it!

Waxing … Ouch.

Consumers have become increasingly more aware and competent in their choices. The Internet has empowered us all to help make the best decision when searching for services.

Let’s examine your options for laser hair removal.

National Laser Hair Removal Chains.

These places are dropping like flies.

Premier Laser Spa has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

American Laser Skincare had an office in Pittsburgh. They declared bankruptcy more than once and finally closed their doors suddenly and without warning on November 21, 2014 . They actually sold packages right up to the day that they closed knowing that those people would be stuck with unused and very expensive laser hair removal treatments. These scoundrels left thousands of very angry and shocked clients holding the bag with prepaid unused packages worth thousands of dollars.

Ideal Image’s reputation can be easily unearthed with a little research on the internet. Just type in “Ideal Image reviews” to discover the truth.

Our advice is Run, Forrest, Run.

Employees have written that these places say that the business managers emphasize integrity as a core value in their mission statement. These employees have written that this statement is “pure con”. They also stated that there is no “decency or integrity with clients or employees resulting in a high turnover rate.”

Most of these places just use the role of a medical director to purchase the equipment. They supervise in name only.

If you ask one of their laser techs, they won’t be able to tell you the doctor’s name who is in charge. They’ve never even seen the doctor!

These places are also notorious for locking unsuspecting clients into a package of nine legally binding laser hair removal treatments with legal contracts.

2.  Doctor’s office

Choose an accredited office whose sterilization has been inspected.

Let’s face it; the laser is used on other people in every office.

There is the potential to spread diseases when any type of procedure is done.

Other people have herpes, fungal infections, Chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis bacterial skin infections like streptococcus and staphylococcus and God knows what else.

Choose an accredited center like ours to be safe.

Another advantage is that we don’t upsell.


Do you want fries with that? ( Upselling 101)

Don’t Cha Just Hate That?

That’s another huge advantage of having your laser hair removal at our doctor’s office.

We guarantee that there is absolutely no upsellling at the Happel Laser & Vein Centre.

More spa type services will be pushed hard at the previous business option.

One of the most compelling reasons to have your bikini line hair removal in a doctor’s office is that there will be direct physician supervision unlike at laser chains. Safety first. Read our laser hair removal reviews.

Benefits of bikini line laser hair removal 

  • No more ingrown hair
  • No more razor bumps
  • No more razor burn
  • No more stray hairs
  • No more wasted time shaving

Just smooth and sexy skin.

Bikini line laser hair removal is the answer if you wish to end the hassle of regularly waxing or shaving.

If you break down the costs, in the long run laser hair removal also saves time and money.

What’s not to like about that?

How Much Pubic Hair to Take Off?

Don’t you love this country?

Our founding fathers fought for your right of freedom of choice.

You decide just how little or how much pubic hair to take off. Our founding fathers also went for clean-shaven faces. There has to be a joke in there somewhere. This came more popular about 150 years ago when the straight razor was invented.

These razors made shaving safer and easier. Later a demand for full body hair removal started around World War II. There was a nylon shortage in this great country. This shortage also forced women to begin to shave their legs.

When the bikini was later introduced, the need for even more hair removal arose.

The bikini line is one of the most sought after areas to have lasered.

With the bikini area, the easiest and least expensive laser hair removal option is just the bikini line. The next option is full bikini.

Finally, there’s the full Brazilian.

Many people consider laser hair removal of the bikini line or all of their pubic hair to be very exotic and sexy. Some say that it improves intimacy.

Cost of Bikini Line Hair Removal

The cost or price of bikini line laser hair removal is related to how much you want removed.

The preceding link tells you our bikini line cost and more details about how it works.

As a doctor, I would not recommend that you go into debt paying for bikini line hair removal. That’s why we don’t offer financing. This is something you only do if you have disposable income.

This also differentiates our medical practice from med spas and laser chains. It’s an ethical thing. If you can’t or don’t want to pay with each treatment, common sense would dictate don’t do it.

So where should you go to get your bikini line laser hair removal?

Let’s be honest.

You want the best results with the least amount of treatments at a fair and affordable price.

The good news is that you don’t have to be Mrs. Thurston Howell III to afford it.

Prices at doctor’s offices are usually lower by two to three times as compared to the laser chains and other pseudo medical options.

The reason is that the packages sold at these places are much more expensive when you do the math.

How Did Bikini line Waxing Start?

Bikini waxing strips were invented just over fifty years ago. At the time, it was the fastest method for hair removal. In 1987, it grew rapidly in popularity when seven Brazilian sisters opened their J. Salon in New York City.

They called it Brazilian waxing after the popular extra tiny and popular bikini bottoms in their country. Currently, Brazilian bikini waxing is losing its popularity because you need a high tolerance level for pain.

With laser, you just shave the area that you want lasered a couple of days ahead of time.

Leave a little stubble.

We will follow your pattern and laser off only the area that has the stubble.

Why Moist is One of the Most Hated Words?

In the pubic area, it is because of its connotations of bacterial and yeast infections.

Ingrown hairs are also more common there because the bikini area tends to be damper where there is no sunlight.

These bugs are like micro vampires. They hate the light. They like the dark.

The word, moist, is associated with all of these things.

While some women find waxing is a good option, many want a more permanent option. Laser hair removal will result in a more permanent solution, which is most people’s goal.


Happel Laser is the most trusted and respected name in laser hair removal in Pittsburgh.

That’s why we are the # 1 choice and our laser hair removal Google Reviews prove it.

Read them to learn about other’s experiences with us for laser hair removal.

As far as the bikini line goes, take off as little or as much as you want.

Aren’t you tired of waxing or shaving your bikini line?

Feel confident in your bikini this year.

All you have to lose is the embarrassment of an untidy bikini line.

No more hassle of unending maintenance.

Our laser office has been accredited and inspected by a nationally recognized commission which regulates safety and effectiveness with rigorous standards. Happel Laser & Vein Centre passed with flying colors.

Give us a call at 724-969-0600 or contact us here to learn more.

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Dr. John Happel has been in practice as a surgeon since 1986 in the Pittsburgh region. He specializes in vascular surgery and has subspecialized in the treatment of varicose and spider veins since 1999. Dr. Happel is board certified in vascular surgery and recertified in vascular surgery in 2012. He was chosen in 1985 to fulfill the position for the vascular surgical fellowship at the world renowned Mayo Clinic.

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