5 Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Questions Pittsburgh is Afraid to Ask

5 Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Questions Pittsburgh is Afraid to Ask

Why Consider Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?     

#1 What Are the Benefits of Brazilian Hair Removal? 

In some regards, Brazilian laser hair removal like getting a tattoo that no one will see except you, your lover and your gynecologist.

First of all, your gynecologist has seen it all.

Secondly, in terms of intimacy, in this day and age it’s more conventional to have your pubic hair removed than not. That could even stir a smile from Sean Spicer.

Therefore, in the final analysis when you get right down to it, the most important reason to remove all of your pubic hair – is for you.

Advantages of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal:

  • It saves time shaving.
  • No more razor bumps.
  • It’s so much more convenient not to become an amateur contortionist in the bath or shower trying to shave those delicate areas.
  • It is effortless once it’s done so you can throw on any bikini bottom or lingerie style and not worry about embarrassing hair sticking out down there.
  • No more eye watering waxing the most sensitive area of your body.

Why not take the leap of faith and enjoy all of these benefits of being bare down there?

Panties and bikini bottoms are becoming skimpier and shrinking every year. Afterwards you can wear any style with confidence.

Removing pubic hair has just about become a rite of passage these days.

You know, like circumcision, first communion, bar and bat mitzvahs, getting your driver’s license, voting for the first time and moving out of your parent’s house.

Think of it as a gift to yourself.

#2 How Embarrassing Is It?

Let’s face it. It’s somewhat embarrassing for most people at first.

Women and also men find Brazilian laser hair removal embarrassing; this is completely normal.

Treatments in an intimate area can be a little intimidating. From experience, we can tell you that this becomes less embarrassing over time.

However, as you become more comfortable with the same laser technician, that passes quickly and you will feel less self-conscious.

Our experienced professional will relieve your anxieties. Her good-natured smile and demeanor will help you to relax right away.

The results are so worth it!

#3 What Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost?

At Happel Laser in Pittsburgh, the full Brazilian cost is $250. On average, six treatments are need for laser hair reduction of this area.

Bikini not included.

The treatments are done five to six weeks apart. That’s because hair grows in cycles.

To Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal or Not to Brazilian?


The Best Bikini Line Hair Removal Office in Pittsburgh

In contrast, a Brazilian wax usually runs between $40 to $80. The hair is going to always grow back. You will continue waxing for the rest of your life.

Here are the pros and cons of laser vs. waxing.

After six laser hair removal treatments, most people are very happy with their hair reduction. Periodic maintenance is required.

When you crunch the numbers and consider the convenience, it’s a no brainer.

Laser is the overwhelming winner.

#4 Is a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Now we come to the edginess of things.

Let’s be real. To be honest, having it done is no day at the beach.

After all pain is relative and people have different degrees of sensitivity. Your sensitivity is closely linked to your apprehension. 

There is some discomfort, not nothing – but still.

To help you, we have written an extensive article of tips and tricks that you can do to minimize the discomfort of laser hair removal and make the whole experience more tolerable and comfortable.

We recommend that you print out our “Coward’s Guide to Laser Hair Removal” to avoid discomfort. Bring it with you on your initial consultation. Review it with our laser specialist to customize these techniques to your individual needs.

The truth is that everyone would agree, laser hair removal is a lot less painful than waxing!

#5 Are Brazilians Difficult to Perform?

This is very important so I’d like to go into some detail.

Stay with me.

This is the probably the most important question that most people don’t know enough to even ask – but is extremely important.

Let me explain about the – dare I say it – the art of Brazilian laser hair removal.

Because of the contours, nooks and crannies, Brazilians are more challenging for all laser specialists as compared to treating a flat, smooth surface like the face or legs.

That’s why it’s important to find out ahead of time which laser is going to be used.

You might assume that all hair removal lasers are the same.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Real lasers don’t require any pressure on the skin at all to get into all of the crevices.

Many so-called laser places use intense pulsed light or IPL. Instead they just call it laser and figure you’ll never know the difference.

It’s been called “laser-lite.”

Don’t be fooled.

Those types of hair removal instruments must be pushed into all of the treated areas and make contact with the skin where the hair follicles are growing.

Needless to say, the genitalia area is very sensitive.

That’s why you should choose a laser office where they use lasers that utilize cryogen.

Using a cooling cryogen spray microseconds before the hot laser zap negates much of the discomfort.

In contrast, IPL, BBL, diodes and 1064 lasers all require a cooling gel which is messy and can be dangerous if it is not applied thick enough.

It’s difficult to make sure that this gel is completely applied perfectly considering the skin contours of this area. If not done correctly every time, a painful burn could result.

This is no time for amateur hour or a place that is just starting out.

You need experienced medical professionals.

Pinching pennies out by going to a med spa where facials, microdermabrasion and pedicures are on the menu instead of a true doctor’s office is also not a good idea.

At these other places, you’ll also get passed around from operator to operator.

You want to feel comfortable with the same person each time you go. That’s what you get at a doctor’s office.

That’s precisely why a laser franchise is also not your best choice. At franchises, you will get whoever is free and available when you walk in.

That musical chairs approach doesn’t occur in doctor’s offices where there is one trusted laser specialist.

Laser franchises are comparable to the McDonalds of hair removal with their proverbial Big Mac.

When considering having a Brazilian, you want (no need) the counterpart of a fine dining establishment with an unblemished reputation to get the unsurpassed results that you expect.

That means the optimum results, experience and the safety of a physician’s office.

Safety is one factor that many people don’t consider when having Brazilian laser hair removal. It should not be overlooked. Here are the main risks of laser hair removal.


Trust Brazilian laser hair removal only to medical experts with the longest track record. Experience counts a lot.

You’ll save money in the long run compared to the alternatives.

It’s a no brainier.

Just one word of caution.    

Only have this done in a doctor’s office.

We recommend a dedicated laser hair removal office that specializes in laser hair removal.

Our advice is to avoid laser supermarkets that also offer laser liposuction, cool sculpting, injectables and Botox.

Always ask for a free demo before you make your final decision to start the process.

See how it feels before you start the process. 

At our physician’s office, there are no contracts to sign that commit you to anything unlike at franchises and spas. 

We resist their aggressive sales approach the way a cat resists a bath.

Never prepay for any type of service – especially laser hair removal. Always leave your options open.

You don’t need any unnecessary financial pressure or a hard sell. 

Choose an environment where is no marketing team – like in a doctor’s office. 

After your free demo, go home and think about it.

Weigh the pros and cons.

In the end, if you’re like most people, you’ll say having a Brazilian laser hair removal was one of the best things that you ever did for yourself.

Call us at 724-969-0600 to set up a free demo and free consultation. Come with the hair you want trimmed very short (not clean shaven) because laser treatments require a short stubble, and we’ll take it from there.

Isn’t it time that you said – Hasta la vista, baby – to your unwanted pubic hair?

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