Celebrities and Laser Hair Removal

Celebrities and Laser Hair Removal

Years ago laser hair removal was only for the rich and famous because of the cost.

Today hair removal with laser has become extremely popular throughout the country and celebrities are openly singing its praises. Many feel that it is the ultimate luxury and laser treatments have become quite trendy and even fashionable. Perhaps the most high profile endorsement comes from the Kardashian family. Kim has been quite candid about it and is a big fan of laser hair removal. Her popularity is undisputed as she was recently the #1 search topic on Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Because of their ethnic background and celebrity, unwanted hair wasn’t an option. Another star who has embraced the technology is Alyssa Milano. Her fame comes from playing Tony Micelli’s daughter, Sam, on the TV show, Who’s the Boss? Another renowned personality supporting laser for hair removal is Christopher Knight who played Peter on the Brady Bunch.

Countless other famous celebrities have joined the bandwagon and enjoy the benefits of a smooth, silky, hairless body and never having to shave again. Laser for hair removal has become mainstream and more frequently done than laser for correction of vision. Although no longer a new cosmetic procedure, its popularity has resulted in it being affordable to just about any budget and not just celebrities anymore.

Another area where laser hair removal has become very popular is with athletes, especially competitive swimmers and body building. With swimming, the less resistance the better and smooth, sleek skin is believed to result in improved times. When fractions of a second can make all the difference, unwanted hair just isn’t an option.

Now with technological advances in laser hair removal becoming well established and affordable, there is no excuse any longer for shaving, plucking and waxing. Call the Happel Laser & Vein Centre at 724-969-0600 to learn more. Chances are that you will feel like many others before you that it’s the best thing that you ever did for yourself!

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