How Much Does It Cost for Laser Hair Removal of Legs in Pittsburgh?

How Much Does It Cost for Laser Hair Removal of Legs in Pittsburgh?

Have Leg Laser Hair Removal Done Right at a Doctor’s Office

Medical Experience = More Effective = Value = Less Cost 

The first thing people ask when calling us about laser hair removal on the legs is –

“How much?”

Scan the next few sentences quickly before we answer that burning question.

We all flock to perceived quality (value).

At a doctor’s office, the quality is assured by a lifetime of study, experience performing medical procedures, and training.

In the medical laser field of medicine, we see many adverse events when people try to skimp.

When the wrong settings or a cheaper laser is used, you end up paying more money.

Laser hair removal on the legs in Pittsburgh varies greatly in price, speed, safety and efficacy.

Do you really believe that a spa could provide the same safety and efficacy as a doctor’s office?

More effective means less treatments so it’s less expensive.

Your total cost will be significantly less than if you have laser hair removal of your legs treated at a spa or much more expensive franchise.

For example, at Ideal Image, it costs a whopping 2-3 times more than a doctor’s office.

What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal of the Legs at Dr. Happel’s Office?

Laser hair removal costs for the full legs, patients can expect to pay from $800 while half leg is $400 per session.

Here are the costs for other laser hair removal areas of the body at Happel Laser.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Pittsburgh?

Choosing the right laser for the right skin type is the key to lowering your cost.

Laser hair removal takes a number of sessions to gradually reduce the hair on your legs. Periodic maintenance may be required.

We do not sell costly and expensive laser hair removal packages.

Packages don’t allow tailoring the laser hair removal to your needs. Packages force you to come back for treatments that you don’t need.

Think about it for a second. Packages are sold to make more money for the place that sells them.

Too many times patients will buy a package of nine treatments “deal” at a spa or laser franchise and then find out later it doesn’t work.

Be careful of laser hair removal prices that are priced too low or are Groupon specials.  

There are many cheap lasers and intense pulsed light (laser-lite) that basically don’t work as well as medical lasers.

As a result, prices are lower at spas, beauty salons, nail salons and similar sketchy places.

Cheap treatments are just that – cheap for a reason.

Laser Hair Removal of the Legs Costs less than Shaving a Lifetime

American women spend more time and money on this process than American men.

The American Laser Center did a survey which showed that women spend more than $10,000 on shaving products alone over their lifetime.

It’s not surprising that many women are looking for more permanent options for permanently removing their leg hair.

The bottom line is: “Is laser hair removal worth the cost?”

When you compare the long-term costs of shaving vs. laser hair removal for the legs, it’s a no brainer.

Especially when you consider the convenience of not having to continually shave your legs, the nicks, razor burn and stubble.

Picture Unwanted Leg Hair Gone and Make It So …

At a price you can afford.

Laser hair removal of your legs is an investment in yourself.

The long-term the value is there if it’s done properly at a trained and experienced doctor’s office.

Compare that to having it done at a spa where it’s like buying a cheap pair of shoes. They never fit right, you get blisters and end up throwing them out.

Don’t make the same mistake when having laser hair removal. Having it done professionally – right –  the first time makes all the difference.

Don’t you find that shaving your legs is so annoying that sometimes you go weeks without shaving your legs at all?

Mostly that only happens during the winter when you can cover up by wearing pants. Sometimes you can get get lazy and just don’t have the patience or the willpower to shave each and every day.

Compare that to having smooth, silky legs without bothering to have to shave them all of the time.

Buyer beware with laser hair removal.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Numbers that Would Make Bernie Madoff Blush

Franchises like Ideal Image overcharge 2-3 times what doctor’s offices charge because they spend tons of money advertising and paying for ads on the internet.

You pay for all of that advertising which is built into the costly front-loaded packages that they push.

Read these five hidden truths about laser hair removal to avoid being ripped off.

Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh: The Five Hidden Truths

Here’s what people have to say about these super expensive packages at Ideal Image. (It’s not hard to find more by searching for –Ideal Image complaints – on Google or Bing.)

The following are common themes to these complaints of their overcharging and under delivering.

“Total ripoff!! I would never trust them again! I would stay as far away from Ideal image as possible! Thanks for a 3600 dollar ripoff!!”

“I was mislead by ideal image. I went in today because it did not work and they said I could purchase more treatments if wanted. Shady business will not go back.”

I have additional and permanent damage from the negligent treatment and have had to file a complaint with OCR reference my medical records. Also contacted an attorney reference negligence.”

“This place is a rip off. My consult was rushed and before I knew it they had me signed up for some credit card with 27 percent interest. I had second thoughts right after I left but found I could not cancel the procedure at all.”

Here are some of their typical complaints about these laser franchises which display a recurring theme:

 “so overly priced”. Keep your money & do a pay as you go deal with another company. They will tell you, “maybe you have a hormonal imbalance”, but don’t fall for it. It initially seems awesome with having to shave less, but years later I am absolutely ashamed of the way I was handled. 

The whole process takes 1-2 years. They don’t mention this when you sign up. Who is going to stay out of the sun for a year?

 I called several times and email them until they give me a time for a consultation. They didn’t give me a solution to my problem (I had to go to a dermatologist) 

Why is Laser Hair Removal for the Legs So Popular?

Laser hair removal for the legs is so popular because:

  • It is very fast. It’s much faster than electrolysis. Electrolysis can take endless treatments and are much more painful. For large areas like the legs, electrolysis is impossible.
  • No more razor-burn, ingrown, red bumps, or stubble. Your legs feel silky smooth all of the time.
  • It’s very affordable. After you sit down and add up all the time and money that it takes to get rid of your unwanted leg hair compared to shaving, laser wins.
  • After the treatments, your legs become soft and sexy after the hair has been lasered away.
  • It’s extremely effective. The results are almost immediate. It takes about 2 weeks until the treated hairs fall out.
  • Having laser hair removal of the legs to remove the unwanted leg hair is the ultimate luxury.


The cost of laser hair removal for the legs varies widely in Pittsburgh.

So does the experience, results, and safety of the laser treatments.

Our advice – to save money in the long run – is to have your leg laser hair removal done professionally in a doctor’s office.

You’ll save money and avoid the annoying upselling and pushiness of the business environment of a spa or a laser franchise.

Are you tired of shaving, waxing, or depilatories to try keep your legs smooth?

Laser hair removal has become more popular than ever for good reason.

Stop spending ten extra minutes in the shower every day shaving your legs.

Avoid the hassle and that that prickly feeling when your leg hair grows back.

Call us at 724-969-0600 to get a free demo laser hair removal.

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