Five Easy Laser Hair Removal Cost Saving Tips That’ll Save You Money

Five Easy Laser Hair Removal Cost Saving Tips That’ll Save You Money

Save Money by Using These Five Money Cost Saving Tips 

#1 Don’t Buy Expensive Laser Hair Removal Packages.

The cost of laser hair removal in is in everyone’s mind when considering laser hair removal.

Don’t let anyone in Pittsburgh make you sign a contract for laser hair removal.They push contracts because it makes them more money.

If you don’t like it or the results aren’t what you wanted, you are legally obligated to come back. Over and over. You signed a contract, remember.

You’re not going to get your money back. Their team of lawyers made that contract that is iron clad. It would cost you more to hire a lawyer than what it’s worth.

They know that.

If they go bankrupt while you are in the middle of that contract, you can kiss that money good-bye.

Remember those high-powered lawyers of theirs that I told you about. They have their laser clients covered, believe me.

This sad scenario of bankrupt laser franchises closing their doors forever and leaving their clients in the lurch is much too common.

What’s the answer?

Pay for only the number of laser hair removal treatments that you need. Everyone is different. Most people are happy with the results of four to six treatments. You don’t need nine treatments as required in package “deals”.

Everyone wants a discount. When you hear the ad on the radio for 70% off – for a limited time only – your Spidey senses should be tingling.

The final laser hair removal cost after all the side deals and “twofers” will be 2-3 times more expensive than in a doctor’s office.


#2 Don’t. Fall. For. Advertising. 

 Why do I say that?

Because advertising works.

Advertising works best for the person doing the advertising

Advertising does not tell you the whole truth. “Truth in advertising” is a well-known oxymoron.

You know like honest lawyer, jumbo shrimp, original copy, or the newly termed, “alternative facts” as stated by Kelly Ann Conway.

Why do the burgers always look so much bigger, juicier and mouth-watering on TV compared to the one they lay down in front of you at the restaurant?

It’s the slight-of-hand known as advertising. Don’t trust them.

Bottom line is – Don’t buy a costly laser hair removal package on the basis of a slick ad.

The mind-blowing truth is that laser hair removal packages don’t save you money.

Your final cost will be higher. It’s not like going to Costco and buying in bulk.

#3 Laser Hair Removal Med Spas – Are They Safe?

For the most reliable results, see a doctor not a spa or a chain (where they will charge you an average of $500 per treatment).

Wherever you go, be sure to ask these questions before problems occur.

Don’t go to a med spa or laser chain and get botched.



Ineffective costly treatments.


Hyer and hypo pigmentation of the skin.



Double Ouch.

Beware of the risks of laser hair removal before you choose where you are going to have this medical treatment.

Lasers should only be operated in a doctor’s office or a hospital.

#4 Shaving and Waxing are More Expensive Than Laser

Don’t keep wasting money on shaving. It might seem cheaper just to keep shaving but let’s break it down over your lifetime.

Laser hair removal actually saves you money in the long run.

How do you save money getting laser hair removal?

It is estimated that the average person will spend over $10,000 in their lifetime on razors, razor blades and shaving cream. That’s a whole lot of wasted time, ingrown hairs and accidental nicks and cuts if you ask me.

Don’t waste your time with electrolysis. It’s painful and extremely slow unless you have unwanted grey, blond or red hair. Laser works best on dark hair with light skin.

Don’t waste time and money waxing either. The hair comes right back. And it hurts like the dickens.

Waxing web sites show pictures of smiling faces. Not much in the way of text or actual information. It’s pretty much self-explanatory. You already know what to expect.

The only question is – how much?

# 5 Research, Research, Research

Don’t walk into a chain office for that free consult without doing your research on your total laser hair removal cost first.

Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?

There’s no chance at all that you’ll walk outa there without getting a real hard sell first. 

Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?

If you walk into one of these places without being fully prepared with research, your purse or wallet will go up in flames.

Don’t believe the laser chains when they mention a lifetime guarantee. Most people don’t read the fine print of those contracts.

Learn more from this complaint from a woman in Pittsburgh which was filed with the Better Business Bureau against a local franchised national hair removal chain.

Do yo want to activate your lifetime guarantee?” I told her I didn’t know what that meant. She then explained that if I wanted any more treatments, it would be $55 for one area and $85 for the other… resulting in an additional $140 per visit. I told her I didn’t realize that. She told me ”it’s all in the contract that you signed.” When they explain everything to you at the beginning, they preach about their ”lifetime guarantee” and how you can come back anytime for treatments at no extra charge. Well the fine print must be different. They are not truthful when giving you information about how the treatments will affect you and they also lie to you to get you to sign up for services.


Laser beats shaving as far as costs to get rid of unwanted hair are concerned over the long-term.

Laser is really better than any alternative method of hair removal when you consider the pros and cons of each method.

Our cost of laser hair removal is both affordable and reasonable.

So why haven’t you started your laser hair removal yet?

We don’t know either!

With Spring upon us, now is the perfect time to start your laser hair removal sessions so that you can be fully hair free by next spring and summer.

You must also trust a respected laser doctor with your investment.

The most important lesson I’ve learned in the more than thirty years that I have been practicing medicine is that your word is your bond.

If you can’t carry through on your promises, you’ll end up losing people’s trust. I am a respected and trusted physician in the community.

We are proud that the Happel Laser Center has the distinct honor of being repeatedly voted the best laser hair removal center in Pittsburgh.

Over the past eighteen years, we continue to strive to make you happy and endeavors to exceed your expectations.

Call us today at 724-969-0600 for your free demo. We can also help you if you click here.

You have nothing to lose except your unwanted hair!

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Dr. John Happel

Dr. John Happel has been in practice as a surgeon since 1986 in the Pittsburgh region. He specializes in vascular surgery and has subspecialized in the treatment of varicose and spider veins since 1999. Dr. Happel is board certified in vascular surgery and recertified in vascular surgery in 2012. He was chosen in 1985 to fulfill the position for the vascular surgical fellowship at the world renowned Mayo Clinic.

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