How Not to Get Screwed Financially with Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh

How Not to Get Screwed Financially with Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh

7 Important Financial Warnings for Laser Hair Removal Patients

Laser Hair Removal’s Best Cost Saving Tips 

#1 Never prepay for laser hair removal.

That means don’t sign any type of legally binding contract under any circumstances.

Most people can’t imagine that they will ever need a lawyer to get them out of a long-term contract costing thousands of dollars when they first sign up. Two of the three big laser chains in Pittsburgh have gone bankrupt. One of them, Premier Laser Spa, changed its name to Laser Rx and is still operating here charging highly inflated prices as noted in this Reddit review.

American Laser Skincare folded its tents forever in Pittsburgh and throughout the country leaving the average person holding thousands of dollars of prepaid and unused laser hair removal services.

What if you can’t tolerate the minor discomfort with laser hair removal?

You’re screwed.

What if the results aren’t as advertised?

You’re screwed again.

If you sign a contract, you’re not going to get your money back.

Their lawyers will make sure of it. That’s what they do for a living.

They also know you won’t spend more on a lawsuit than what the contract cost.

#2 Don’t finance laser hair removal using their company’s credit card.

Zero down medical financing rate is enticing.

If you buy with credit, you’ll be paying a lot more in the long run.

Many people don’t even realize that they are signing up for that company’s credit card.

It’s confusing when all of the financial papers and contracts are shoved in front of you. 

It’s sneaky.

Be careful of the financing options and the details in the fine print of the contracts that laser franchises make you sign.

#3 Don’t borrow from a medical credit agency that a laser hair removal company recommends.

Don’t go into debt for a luxury item.

If you have college education worries, unfunded retirement needs, or car loans and mortgages that you are struggling to pay, then maybe laser hair removal isn’t for you.

Ask yourself if you can really afford it.

If you can, you shouldn’t have to finance it.

Laser hair removal is for people with disposable income.

#4 Don’t believe huge advertised discounts.

70% off for a limited time only is a fake offer.

It is one of the most commonly heard ads on the radio in Pittsburgh. 

These places usually come with high pressure sale’s tactics along with the bogus discounts.

Marketing and sales is a part of everyday life.

Many Pittsburgh laser hair removal centers have marketing departments and specialists with strong sales backgrounds and experience.

Many of these sales experts have post graduate degrees in marketing. They know exactly how to push the right buttons to make the sale.

#5 Don’t fall for free treatment areas thrown in to spice up the deal and guarantees.

These are cheesy sales gimmicks. Who wouldn’t like to not shave another area?

There is no free lunch.

The cost of that “extra” area was already front loaded into the package “deal” before the marketing experts stated their sales pitch.

Guarantees degenerate into extra treatments at a reduced cost when the rubber hits the road.

Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh: The Five Hidden Truths

Multiple complaints have been received as seen on the Better Business Bureau web site about a laser chain that commonly advertises on the radio in Pittsburgh.   “The BBB has received a pattern of complaints alleging treatments are ineffective within the allotted amount of sessions.”

Finally, don’t hope that your laser hair removal treatments will be covered by insurance even if there is an underling medical condition.

You won’t be the exception.

#6 Don’t waste your money or time on Groupon for laser hair removal.

Groupon requires that businesses discount 70-80% off at the beginning and then charge a 50% commission from what’s left.

There’s no way that that a business can profit by virtually giving away laser hair removal treatments.

Often these places turn down the laser energy settings so you have to come back for more treatments.

Upselling is mandatory for other services.

Do you really want to be harassed into buying other services that you don’t really want or need?

Groupon for laser hair removal sucks.

#7 Get a free demo before you start.

Kick the tires.

Without a free demo first, there’s no way to know ahead of time if it works for you.

Always ask for a free demonstration.

Make sure your hair color and skin type are right for the results that you expect.

Don’t put yourself in a tight spot financially.

If you have to use alternative forms of hair removal like shaving or plucking until you can save up the money, the cost of your laser hair removal ultimately will be lower.


We’ve saved the best recommendation for last.

Take this last bit of advice to save money and lower your total cost of laser hair removal.

Get your laser hair removal done in a physician’s office.

The financial risks are less without a professional marketing and sales team being involved.

Often the true cost of laser hair removal is hidden. For laser hair removal to be successful, it requires a number of sessions.

Given that each session can be hundreds of dollars depending on the size of the area, the total cost can quickly add up.

At a doctor’s office, you will get the optimal laser settings which results in less treatments.

That saves you money. 

The risks of a complication like burns and scarring are also less in a doctor’s office.

For best laser hair removal results and the lowest total cost, go to a doctor’s laser hair removal office where you will be treated like a patient and not a client or a customer.

Ever hear of a Dutch Uncle?

That’s someone who gives firm, blunt and frank advice to keep you out of trouble.

Here it is.

Our recommended financial advice is don’t go into debt for laser hair removal.

As a luxury item, it is only for people with disposable income.

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