Patient Review of Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh – Happel Laser

Patient Review of Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh – Happel Laser

A Review of the Positive Effects of Laser Hair Removal

My Laser Hair Removal Experience at Happel Laser

I began having laser hair removal when I was a teenager.

That may sound strange to some but I got into it because my mother had it done first at Happel Laser near South Hills Village in Pittsburgh.

She loved it so much that she asked the doctor if it was safe for me.

disgusted from shaving

Shaving my legs was getting old fast and I was getting tired of the shaving bumps around my bikini line.

From her experience, I only knew it was a matter of time.

I was really excited when my mother asked me if I wanted to give laser hair removal a try.

Laser is safe for all ages and Dr. Happel has written articles about this.

The time that I’ve saved not having to ever shave again or ever suffer again from those eye watering bikini line waxing sessions has me hooked.

The waxing was so painful that I decided that I’d rather never get my hair ripped out by the roots ever again.

That was torture.

Getting ready for my laser treatments was easy.

Eye viewing digital information. Conceptual image with laser focussed on eyeThey told me not to wax or pluck any hair for a month so that the hair could grow in and so the laser could “see” the roots.

They also told me not to tan before the treatment since the laser is attracted to dark things.

I trimmed the areas with scissors before the treatments so that there was a slight stubble and the laser could have a target.

At first, I had some anxiety about the pain of laser hair removal.

My mother told me that as the hair is reduced by the laser treatments, it gets less uncomfortable with each session.

She was right.

At Happel Laser, they use a cold blast of air called Cryogen which is fired each time the laser zaps an area.

They also use an Alexandrite laser which is the most comfortable laser from what I’ve read on the internet.

The technician, Cindy also talked to me the whole time and had me actually laughing during the treatments.

She really cares.

My first treatment went well considering that I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect.

The laser feels like a zap sort of like a rubber band snapping with a slight electrical feeling to it.

It was much easier than I expected.

laser hair removal legsThe legs took the longest (almost an hour each time).

The underarms took about 5 or ten minutes and got faster with each treatment since there was less hair each time.

I was allowed to exercise, shower and resume my normal daily activities right away.

They have evening and weekend appointments available so it was very convenient for my schedule.

bikini line laser hair removalI’ve completed all of the treatments on my legs, my underarms, and my bikini line.

I always did the treatments at the recommended intervals so that I could get the best results possible.

They told me that hair grows in cycles and not to skip appointments because the results wouldn’t be as good as if I had them done at the peak of each hair growing cycle.

That means that the hairs can’t be treated again until the next cycle of hairs start growing.

I noticed about a 20% reduction in the number of hairs with each treatment.

The legs required less treatments than the bikini line where the hair is coarser.

Touch ups or maintenance are recommended but I haven’t had to do any on my legs.

It’s so nice never having to ever shave my legs again!

What attracted my mother and then me to Happel Laser was the fact that the laser treatments were done in the safety of a doctor’s office.

I felt very comfortable that Dr. Happel was in the office and supervised all of my laser appointments.

medical bag in a life saver buoyThey are an accredited medical laser office so I know that everything is clean and sterile.

Although there are spas and salons that are doing laser hair removal, it doesn’t make sense to tempt fate and not do it in a doctor’s office.

I was concerned about the cost since my mother was paying for it.

I was a science and math major in college so I calculated and compared the costs.

If you break down the cost of shaving including all the razors or the costs of a life time of waxing, laser costs a lot less in the long run.

If you add it up, disposable razors will spend roughly $200 per year on the razors and shaving cream.

Waxing can cost up to $800 per year depending where you go.

That adds up to thousands of dollars over my lifetime.

One of the biggest benefits of having laser hair removal at Happel Laser besides never having to shave again was the soft, silky smooth and flawless skin that was a great side effect.

diagram comparing laser hair removal to waxing, shaving, and epilatorsNo more stubbles, razor burn or ingrown hairs.

No more embarrassing and inconvenient stray hairs around my knees and ankles or popping up around my bathing suit was so nice.

Those hairs are permanently gone!

My experience at Happel Laser was amazing.

The doctor and staff are all true professionals and are dedicated.

They care about you as a person.

I never felt that I was just another case.

They are all positive people and it is contagious.

Although it may sound corny, they made me feel better about myself.

contract on a hookThere are no pushy salespeople trying to make you sign contracts.

They also give you a free demonstration on the first visit to make sure you feel comfortable and that it works before you pay anything.

I am thrilled with my results.

I never had to wait for my appointments.

They are on time and don’t make you wait.

As I said, multiple treatments are needed depending on the area of the body that you have treated.

When I see a few stragglers, I call to have them cleaned up. I like that the cost of these touch ups is reduced.

They send email blasts coupons for loyal customers which my mother and I appreciate.

Although it’s a small drive from my house, it’s so worth it.

Check out my YouTube video that shows a laser treatment being done on my underarms.

Aja Pittsburgh Steeler fanAnd it is true as you can see on the video, I am a die-hard Steeler fan and a big fan of Happel Laser!

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Dr. John Happel

Dr. John Happel has been in practice as a surgeon since 1986 in the Pittsburgh region. He specializes in vascular surgery and has subspecialized in the treatment of varicose and spider veins since 1999. Dr. Happel is board certified in vascular surgery and recertified in vascular surgery in 2012. He was chosen in 1985 to fulfill the position for the vascular surgical fellowship at the world renowned Mayo Clinic.

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