Are You Ashamed of Your Facial Hair? – Try Laser

It’s True: In Pittsburgh, You Really Can Save Money Getting Laser Hair Removal and Here’s How

Laser hair removal on the face for both women and men is truly easy.

And it’s soooo fast.

Five to ten minutes is the average session for the face.

Laser is the quickest long-term way to get rid of facial hair. The average session only lasts minutes. You’re in and out.

Laser ensures that your unwanted facial hair is permanently reduced.

Plucking, waxing or shaving is a pain. Don’t shave, wax, bleach or tweeze your facial hair on a frustratingly regular basis ever again!

These painful alternatives are never ending.

Are you ready something that is more permanent? Laser facial hair removal cost is very affordable when you compare it to all of the alternatives and their never-ending costs.

Hair goes through growth stages and requires a series of treatments for long-term lasting laser hair removal.

We recommend that you schedule regular appointments every four to six weeks to ensure removal in every phase of growth.

We strongly recommend that you pay only for what you need.

Buying packages forces you to purchase treatments that you may never need.

They also require that you sign a binding contract that makes you return whether the treatments work or not.

Some people have hair that is too light in color for the laser to work.

Buying treatments only when you need them is more economical.

Alternatives to Remove Facial Hair

As far as waxing costs is concerned, waxing runs about $50 for a full face.

Waxing never ends and it really hurts.

On top of the inconvenience, it can irritate the skin which can be more embarrassing than the facial hair ever was in the first place.

Many women even go to painful measures to hide facial hair from their closest friends, spouse, and family.

Some women carry a razor around in their purse.

Although plucking and tweezing is free, unless you have just a couple of hairs, it’s not practical.

The biggest negative of plucking or tweezing, besides the pain, is the fact that it never ends.

Lip hair electrolysis usually runs around $150 to $300 but can go as high as $1000 if the hair is coarse. It usually takes ten to thirty minutes. Treatments are time consuming.

Most people want a more permanent solution that lasts. Laser hair removal is trending because it is fast, it works, and it’s cost effective. Laser facial hair removal cost is very affordable for most people.

How Laser Hair Removal for the Face Works

Alexandrite Laser Happel Laser Spa PittsburghLadies, you don’t have to be embarrassed any longer.

People think that they have to let the facial hairs grow out and be long before and between treatments.

That’s not true.

The lasers “see” better than you and I see with the naked eye.

Once a treatment is completed, it takes 14 days for the hairs to dies and fall out (almost like clock-work).

During this 14-day period, don’t wax, pluck or tweeze after the treatment.

Lightly shave over the area that was treated or clip closely with a pair of cuticle clippers.

The entire process will require about 4-6 sessions at 4-6 weekly intervals.

For women who suffer from a medically diagnosed hormonal imbalance called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), more treatment will usually be required.

At our Pittsburgh laser facility, after the first six sessions are completed, we are sympathetic to your plight and offer discounted pricing for future touch-ups.

Facts About Laser Hair Removal on Your Face

People want to know what it feels like.

It feels like tiny zaps or rubber band snaps.

Our laser shoots a cool jet spray of Cryogen with each laser pulse to minimize the discomfort.

With our Cryogen cooling jet spray, pain relief methods like numbing creams or medication are almost never necessary.

People want to know if it’s permanent.

Laser hair removal will permanently reduce the amount of hair on your face.

Hair grows in cycles. You need to repeat the treatments until the hair is permanently reduced.

As your treatments progress, the remaining hair will become thinner and reduced in number by about 15% after each treatment.

The finer hair is like villus hair on the hair on newborn babies. Laser for hair reduction works best on dark hair and light skin.

Engineers program lasers like they program computers to target certain things.

It targets dark colors the best.

For this reason, you cannot tan before you come for laser hair removal.

Maintenance is required for most people but some never have to return. Everyone is different in that regards to the amount of maintenance that is required.

Rookie Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Laser Hair Office

Cost is the number one question and concern that people have when considering laser hair removal.

However, the experience and expertise of an office is never even considered.

The laser operator’s experience should be one of the most important considerations when considering where to have your facial hair laser treatments.

Why Choose Happel Laser Spa in Pittsburgh?

Our lasers are truly the best available.

We maintain them regularly with a service agreement from the manufacturer.

This is extremely important in providing safe treatments that are truly effective and long lasting.

We never utilize rented or used lasers.

Our experience with lasers in Pittsburgh is unsurpassed.

That’s why we are Pittsburgh’s # 1 choice and our Google Reviews prove it.

Why put it off any longer?

Call us today at 724-969-0600 to make an appointment right away.


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