6 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Getting Back Hair Removal with Laser

6 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Getting Back Hair Removal with Laser

How to Avoid Disaster Both Physically and Financially When Doing Laser Hair Removal on the Back

Tips and Tricks Specifically for Men in Pittsburgh

laser hair removal for back hairIt goes without saying that excess back hair is embarrassing.

Getting rid of it gives you confidence at the pool or beach.

Shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and unsightly redness and pain.

Even worse, it’s only temporary.

laser hair removal tips with a computer mouse wireThe hair comes right back.

Check out our killer checklist article if you’re considering laser hair removal for a more permanent solution for your unwanted back hair.

Here are our no BS tips for men in Pittsburgh seeking laser hair removal.

#1. Physical Risks of Laser Hair Removal on the Back

You have to ask yourself – should laser hair removal ever be done in a med spa?

Laser Hair Removal Med Spa vs. Doctor’s Office – Happel Laser

It’s a sketchy environment where there is no medical oversight.

Laser hair removal is unregulated. That’s a big problem when you’re considering having it done.

Laser hair removal in spas is not properly supervised.

The term “supervision” is interpreted very loosely by med spas.

For med spas, supervision of these procedures by physicians is in name only. These doctors are often supervising from out of state.

Lasers have gone wild.

Laser offices are multiplying like cockroaches (apologies to the cockroaches).

There are countless horror stories of laser hair removal disasters on the internet from these sketchy places.

safety first on a post it noteHere’s the latest story which is prompting laser hair removal law changes in Virginia.

A female janitor was doing the laser treatments a spa.

Her job was to clean up the spa.

She was untrained and unqualified to do laser hair removal.

She did a laser hair removal treatment on a young man’s back.

His back was severely burned from the misuse of the laser.

The state legislature has finally stepped in to regulate laser hair removal in Virginia.

Thirty states in the U.S. require licensing or physician supervision for laser hair removal. Virginia is not one of them.

That is reported from the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.

That’s why Delegate Mark Keam started working last year to pass a law requiring medical supervision of laser hair removal in his state.

Hospitals, cars, and restaurants require inspections and accreditation.

In Pittsburgh, the state of Pennsylvania requires that you be licensed to cut hair and nails.

But you don’t have to be licensed to operate a laser to remove hair which has real risks like severe and painful burns, hyperpigmentation, hypo-pigmentation and scarring.

There are even multiple reports of people dying from overdosing on the anesthetic cream that was used to numb the skin before laser hair removal treatments.

#2 Financial Risk of Back Laser Hair Removal

Don’t prepay or sign a contract for any service including laser hair removal.

 bankruptcy and red pencilThere have been multiple bankruptcies of large national hair removal chains with offices in Pittsburgh.

Some laser spa companies that declared bankruptcy are restructuring like Premiere Laser Spa with a satellite office in Pittsburgh (still operating as Laser Rx).

Patterns of complaints are evident from Better Business Bureau reports after the bankruptcy.

When their offices closed in other states, clients were told to drive to the nearest city which is sometimes hours away to complete their prepaid package.

Thousands of people lost thousands of dollars in these cases.

Never prepay for laser hair removal services or any service for that matter.

It’s too risky.

#3 Is Laser Hair Removal for the Back Really Permanent?

Men need to know the truth.

The truth is it’s not permanent hair removal but rather permanent hair reduction.

smooth skin on backMultiple treatments are required for a smooth and sexy back.

Women will love your smooth hairless skin. Men also love their women without hair down there.

Do her and yourself a favor and bite the bullet.

The great thing about it is that laser hair removal is not just for the summer.

Don’t you really want a long-term solution?

#4 What’s the Cost of Laser Hair Removal for the Back?

The cost of laser hair removal is much cheaper than the alternatives.

Besides, shaving your back just isn’t practical. Waxing hurts a lot. It should be outlawed like other tortures including waterboarding.

On top of that, these are only temporary solutions.

save money buttonSmall areas of the back may cost between up to $500 per treatment. Treatment for larger areas of the body may cost as much as $600 to $900 per treatment or more at franchise chains like Ideal Image.

Laser chains never charge per treatment.

They make more forcing you to buy a package.

The total cost is much more when you buy a package of nine treatments which they recommend.

They always make you sign a legally binding contract. Does that sound right to you?

Our cost for laser hair removal is hundreds less per treatment for back hair removal.

It’s also done in a doctor’s office with direct supervision.

No contracts to sign is a big advantage for you.

Here’s more details about the cost of our back hair removal.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Pittsburgh?

#5 Is There Pain?

Be careful when you read on Pittsburgh web sites that laser hair removal is virtually painless.

We have the latest technology that blows a puff of Cryogenic on the targeted hairs to minimize any discomfort.

Our cryogenic gas cooled laser is truly a blessing.

It works by spraying an ice cooling jet of spray microseconds before the laser zap.

That freezing spray makes for a more comfortable and awesome experience.

which laser sign for laser hair removalOther hair removal lasers currently used are archaic in comparison.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is laser-like.

It has no cooling device so it hurts a lot more than laser.

IPL is an older and less effective technology than laser.

Make sure to ask if the office uses laser or intense pulsed light before you start the process.

#6 What Are the Alternatives to Laser for Back Hair Removal?

To sum it up, the alternatives to laser for back hair removal suck.

Here are the alternatives to laser hair removal if you want to try them.

These are all temporary.

waxing for unwanted hairMost are painful.

All result in your back hair coming back.

Some in just a day.

Some in a few days.

Want to know the best part about laser?

It’s not just a temporary fix.

The Bottom Line

back hair laser hair removal before and after

Here’s the one best tip for you on how to get rid of your back hair.

Have your laser hair removal done in a doctor’s office.

This will give you the best results with the least risk of financial and physical damage.

Don’t go on “cheap dates” at a med spa or a laser chain franchise.

The growing volume and increasingly popular demand of laser hair removal is proven by these statistics from American college of dermatology.

With the latest state-of -the-art technology, people find it much more tolerable.

Compared with waxing or shaving, our Alexandrite laser is much more comfortable than previous generations of lasers.

Personally speaking, laser hair removal is not a panacea.

As hair grows in between treatments, the amount of hair is less and the hairs that do appear are finer.

Multiple treatments are required.

Since it requires a number of treatments, you decide exactly how much or how little hair that you want to remove.

The laser cannot tell the difference between a hair follicle and tanned skin. That’s why you cannot have laser hair removal in the summer unless you stay out of the sun.

Because laser cannot “see” grey, blonde or red hair. Laser hair removal should be done before your hair becomes grey.

Stop the embarrassment of your unwanted back hair.

Women don’t like body hair and find it unattractive.

Our South Hills office is convenient to all of the Pittsburgh suburbs off of I-79.

Picture your unwanted back hair gone and make it so.

You know you want it.

Like the Nike ad says, “just do it”.

Call us at 724-969-0600 or click here to schedule your free consultation and treat yourself because you deserve it.

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