Back Hair / Laser Hair Removal Treatment : Trend or Fad?

Back Hair / Laser Hair Removal Treatment : Trend or Fad?

Why are Men Having Back Hair Removed with Laser?

Unwanted back hair is a problem for many men. Perception is one reason for this. Like it or not, back hair is perceived by modern society as primitive. We evolved from ancestors with more hair than us.

Steven Hawking said, ”We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star”. That puts it all in perspective.

Both men and women have to deal with this trace of our prehistoric past. It’s just that women are more discreet about it.

Ladies have long felt the need for their bodies to be as hairless as possible. Waxing, tweezing, and threading their eyebrows are examples. As a result, laser places are popping up to meet this demand.

Hairless Bodies are Becoming the Social Norm for Men and Women.

Excessive back and chest hair is just plain embarrassing at the beach or the pool. Those hairy idols from generations ago like Burt Reynolds, Sean Connery, and Tom Selleck are relics from the  past. That kind of body hair is no longer considered sexy.

The old saying, “That will put hair on your chest” isn’t heard much anymore.

Women don’t like back hair. And that’s a fact, Jack.

Body hair is no longer cool. What should you do?

Don’t Hold “Back” any Longer on your Unwanted Back Hair

Some people are describing the trend in hair removal as the “pornification” of America. Young sexually active women are choosing to remove their pubic hair by lasering it off to look like porn stars. Young men are following suit to trim pubic hair. One person described this as “less foliage makes the trunk look bigger”.

Pubes are on the endangered list. They are on the way out as in the Do-Do bird.

If you choose shaving, the resulting ingrown hairs, itching and rash are not cool. Waxing is just as bad. You can’t go there alone when it comes to

back hair. That’s a two person painful job.

Laser is the modern answer especially when dealing with removing hair over large areas like the back or chest.

Smooth operators are the trend!

Manscaping: A Necessary Evil

Recently, research done in Great Britain has discovered:

  • Six out of ten men aged 16-24 regularly remove their body hair including back hair
  • 13% of men had removed their chest hair in the last 12 months
  • 29% of men have removed pubic hair in the last 12 months

  • Bret Favre is selling body trimmers with the clear insinuation that you don’t want to look like 1972 down there as reported on TMZ
  • Men are following the example of David Beckham, Daniel Craig (James Bond), Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and are leaning toward the “less furry” as examples of today’s modern man.


Recent trends are for less body hair. It’s hip to be bare and that is especially true with your back hair. No one wants to listen to the idiot who asks you where you got that mohair sweater.

Why put up with the embarrassment any longer?

Meeting your expectations at an affordable laser price that will rid you of that unwanted back hair or chest hair forever is our goal. We are more affordable because we don’t push expensive packages. You pay as you go. You save money because you pay for only what you need.

Click here to find out exactly how you save money. This article also tells you why you save money with us.

Sound good? 

If you are able, shoot us an email. We’ll give you quick feedback on any questions. For an even quicker response, call us during business hours to learn more. The consult is free so don’t put it off any longer. Call us at 724-969-0600.

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