The Ultimate Laser Hair Removal Consumer Guide

The Ultimate Laser Hair Removal Consumer Guide

Your Nine Best Tips List of What NOT to Do When Considering Laser Hair Removal

#1 Don’t let anyone talk you into signing a laser hair removal contract.

No, seriously. You won’t be saving money. Those packages make them more money. Why do you think all of the big national laser chains push them?

If you trustfully walk into a laser hair removal office without first knowing what will likely happen during that initial free consultation, you could be at a huge disadvantage.

A hard sell with all kinds of deals and BOGO shenanigans has no place in a professional medical facility.

Avoid these kinds of places. According to Elle Magazine, going to the wrong kind of place is one of the biggest laser hair removal mistakes that you can make.

A laser is a medical device. Thirty-five states say that using a laser is the practice of medicine. Have you ever wondered why someone would want you to sign a contract for a medical service?

Does that even sound right?

#2 Don’t fall for advertising.

Advertising works.

Advertising works best for the company that is advertising.

Advertising does not tell you the whole truth.

Truth in advertising is an oxymoron.

Looking for laser hair removal in all the wrong places? That’s what those urban cowboys and cowgirls have been enticed to do by radio ads.

#3 Don’t waste time and money waxing.


It’s only temporary. Laser hair removal lasts and reduces the amount of your hair with each treatment.

That’s the biggest difference.

Waxing hurts a whole lot more than laser hair removal. The web site of the biggest waxing chain in the country is just pictures of pretty people. It seems that there isn’t much to say about waxing that you don’t already know.

#4 Don’t buy a laser hair removal package.

The mind-blowing truth is that packages don’t save you money. Chains push only packages because it makes them more money.

Buying a package of nine treatments is not like going to Costco and buying in bulk.

Packages force you to come back even if the results for you are not what you want or expect. Maybe your hair is too light or your skin is too dark for optimal results. You’re stuck. You signed a contract. You won’t get your money back. Their powerful lawyers and contracts will win if there is a dispute.

We don’t sell no stinkin’ packages for laser hair removal.

#5 Don’t let people tell you laser hair removal is a fad.

It is one of the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedures done in this country. These procedures aren’t just for the very rich.

Most of the people who have nonsurgical procedures like laser hair removal done earn less than $100,000 per year.

#6 Don’t go to a random med spa or chain.

The federal government only regulates what type of laser is safe to use. The duty to regulate laser spas is left to the state that you live in. In Pennsylvania, there is no consumer protection at these laser med spas and chains. There are no inspectors. There is no supervision. There are no regulatory agencies in our state for laser use. There are no guidelines as to who can use a laser.

In 2007, the FDA issued a safety bulletin about deaths that occurred from overdoses of anesthetic creams given to patients before laser hair removal treatments.

Botched laser jobs occur every day at these unregulated spas and chains. Lawsuits have followed.

Read here to learn all of the scary details about botched jobs of laser hair removal.


Who ya gonna call if you are burned or have serious damage from a laser treatment?

Susan Dyke, a dermatologist from Phoenix, stated that “I see patients all of the time getting burned from going to medical spas”.

For the most reliable results, have your laser hair removal treatments done at a doctor’s office. Not a random spa or a laser chain where you will be overcharged an average of $500 for one treatment.

#7 Don’t keep wasting money on shaving.

Shaving is cheap, right?

Let’s break it down.

It might seem cheaper but let’s break it down over a lifetime. It saves you money in the long run.”

It is estimated that the average woman will tediously shave her legs 11,000 times during her lifetime. That’s a whole lot of razors, shaving cream, ingrown hairs and accidental nicks if you ask us.

#8 Don’t waste your time with electrolysis unless you have unwanted grey, blond or red hair.

Laser works best with dark hairs and light skin. Blond, grey or red hair is not targeted by laser light.

Don’t waste your time or money unless you are a good candidate.

Intense pulsed light is not the same as laser. You must not assume that a laser office is using a true laser and not intense pulsed light for your laser hair removal. You must ask about this important distinction during your initial phone call.

#9 Don’t walk into a chain office for that free consult and be victimized.

Do your laser hair removal research first.

Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?

There is no chance at all that you will walk out of a spa or laser chain office without getting a real hard sell first.

Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?

If you walk into one of these places without being fully prepared without first doing your homework, your purse or wallet will go up in flames.

You get the idea.

Laser Hair Removal Consumer Guide Conclusion

Just like corduroy pillows, Happel Laser continues to make headlines. Our center was recently fully accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. We are the only accredited laser vein center in Pittsburgh.

So why haven’t you started your laser hair removal yet?

With summer upon us, now is the perfect time to start your laser hair removal sessions so that you can be fully hair free by summer.

The most important lesson I’ve learned about building connections is that your word is your bond.

If you can’t carry through on your promises, you’ll end up losing people’s trust. I am a respected and trusted physician in the community. We have been doing laser hair removal in the same location for over fifteen years.

Here’s the bottom line.

We are proud that the Happel Laser Center has has the distinct honor of being repeatedly voted at the top of the list of the best laser hair removal centers in Pittsburgh by However, we continue to strive to make you happy and endeavor to exceed your expectations.

So what are you waiting for?

Laser is much better than any alternative method of hair removal when you consider the pros and cons of each method.

No more eye-watering painful Brazilian waxes. No more tweezing, plucking or shaving.

Call us at 724-969-0600 or contact us here.

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