Laser Hair Removal Costs, Contracts, and Cons Revealed

Laser Hair Removal Costs, Contracts, and Cons Revealed

How Laser Hair Removal Contracts Can Drain Your Wallet

contractLaser hair removal contract costs are a hotly driven debate that can divide opinion.

Owners of laser hair removal offices love them.

Customers – not so much – especially when they find out what’s in the fine print.

The following essay takes a look at both sides of the debate.

I promise that after you read this article, you will be better informed and capable of deciding if the cost of a laser hair removal contract is in your best interest.

The Cons (Pun Intended) of Laser Hair Removal Contracts

No one anticipates that they will ever need an attorney when the nice friendly lady in the white coat gives you the welcoming sales chat on your first visit.

The focus on that free consultation day is on how wonderful your hair-free life will be.

Sleeping Beauty knew the trick: It’s all about the spinning.

However, there’s one thing that you must be aware of before signing up – no matter how good it sounds or how excited you are.

 Laser hair removal contracts are iron clad.

Cancelling is not permitted.

There goes your credit rating.

When people are screwed after these contracts are enforced, complaints always follow.

Read the Better Business Bureau reviews of every laser hair removal office that you are considering.

What 70% Off of Laser Hair Removal Cost Really Means

 You’ve heard it on the radio and seen it on the internet.

It really sounds great, right?

Look a little closer.

In reality, if you crunch the final numbers, you’ll be paying 2-3 times what you’d pay without a contract at a doctor’s office.

These contract places never give you an estimate or range when you call them on the phone.

You want to know why?

If they told you that these heavily front-loaded treatments cost thousands of dollars per treatment, you’d hang up.

It’s ridiculous.

So, they lie to you that they have to see the area to give an accurate estimate.

Any place that can’t give a range on the phone is going to work you over during the free consult.

Don’t fall for it.

Don’t get pranked.

Find out ahead of time from other offices over the phone – the real starting price – for laser hair removal of the body part you are interested in for your city.

It’s like looking at the blue book when you buy a car. What’s the invoice price?

Don’t go into the consultation unprepared.

At these sketchy places, they don’t tell you the price ahead of time because they want you in front of them.

That way they can start the high-pressure sales pitch crossing off the insanely excessive bogus original price.

After the fake discounts, they add “free” hair removal offers on other body parts.

Finally, they throw in the phony lifetime guarantees at a high premium.

The so-called guarantees have more loopholes and holes than a hairnet.

No one can guarantee any medical procedure.

They also tell you that the offer is only good if you sign up today.

Hint – if you don’t sign, they’ll be calling and emailing you incessantly.

(Don’t give them your phone or email address.)

Another huge problem with these contracts is that you don’t need all of the treatments required in the contract.

It doesn’t take 8 or 9 treatments like they say.

That just costs you more.

Things That Will Screw Up Your Laser Hair Removal Contract

All of these contracts have exclusion clauses.

What if:

  • You are tan? (that automatically prevents more laser treatments)
  • You become pregnant? (they won’t touch you with a laser for medico-legal reasons)
  • It doesn’t work because of dark skin tone or light hair color?
  • You lose your job and you can’t afford the monthly cost?
  • You move?
  • The laser doesn’t work because the lasers haven’t been maintained and serviced?
  • The laser doesn’t work because they’re disreputable and they turn down the settings (common with Groupon users)
  • They use Intense Pulsed Light and advertise it as a laser when it’s not and results are inferior to a real laser
  • The laser is rented and hasn’t been calibrated or maintained properly
  • They use the wrong type of laser or it’s underpowered
  • They don’t know what they’re doing? – (What’s the experience of all the laser techs and their employee turnover rate?)

Laser Hair Removal Traps

First of all, if you see the words lifetime guarantee or painless in a laser hair removal ad, run away.

Beware of words like:

  • membership options
  • upfront costs
  • easy payments
  • VIP gold silver or platinum deals
  • monthly fees
  • automatic withdrawals 
  • auto drafts 

especially when the fine print says nonrefundable.

These are all traps.

Stay away from places with words to these effects in their internet descriptions.

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: * Funds will be deducted directly from your credit card or bank account on a monthly basis * All laser hair removal treatments must be used by same client * 12-month contract required.

Or this …

How much does laser hair removal cost? Setup a complimentary consultation today and find out. We have several easy payment options, financing is available, and we offer the best laser hair removal value in the …

Advice from Someone Who Wants a Refund and Out of Their Contract

Here’s some expert advice from a veteran client who has been through the laser hair removal contract process at a laser franchise.

“So, not sure that you have much leverage here. there is literally no one else in my area that charges that much for laser hair removal. They cited a price of $7,000 for 9 sessions. If you paid $7,000 up front, and have already had 2 appointments, then your best-case scenario sounds like you’ve paid roughly $1,500 and want a refund of the rest. The bad news is that you very likely signed a service contract with them, which very likely has language that says that they’re not going to give you refunds, etc. and that results may vary and such. So, it’s very possible if push comes to shove that they would be legally justified in holding on to your money. You can certainly ask them nicely to let you out of your contract and refund the money. (And I, personally, wouldn’t give up $5,500 without a fight.) Your biggest leverage against them is probably telling them that if they don’t refund your money, you will be an extremely unsatisfied customer and will tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS about how you’ve been treated. From their website, it looks like this place is a franchise. And their Yelp reviews consistently cite their insane prices. So, not sure that you have much leverage here.

Be aware that if they don’t let you out of your contract, and you owe money under a financing plan, it is VERY likely that they will send you to collections over it.”

Internet Examples of People Who Were Burned Buying a Laser Hair Removal Contract

Here are examples of regret from signing laser hair removal contracts.

I want to get out of my contract that I shouldn’t have agreed to. I had two sessions of laser hair removal on my face and I just don’t think it’s worth it. Honestly, I feel like it’s made my hair worse. I tried talking with my consultant and she said there was nothing she could do at the moment. She told me she would call corporate to see what she could do, but I don’t trust that she will. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews about the customer service of Ideal Image and I’m worried that I will just be another scorned customer. I never should have signed the contract. I really can’t afford over $4,200, especially now that I see it doesn’t work. What also worries me is the amount of people who ended up with scars from the laser. There has to be some way to refund me for the sessions I haven’t even had yet.

Ideal Image – $2600… no results 5 treatments later.

So, after being sold “don’t go to the cheaper companies”, “we guarantee results”, “no more hair growth for at least 10 years”, “our lasers are different” pitch…the hair is almost 100% back.

The hair growth SUBSIDES for 6 weeks then grows back. Five treatments in out of nine, and not even 20% difference.

The first few treatments were 8 weeks apart so as soon as the hair grows back they laser you again so you don’t notice that the hair completely returns in 10+ weeks! know it’s the American way, but it should be illegal to swindle customers out of thousands of dollars.


In case you’re looking for it, there are no pros for a laser hair removal contract’s excessive cost.

Watch out for bait-and-switch marketing hoaxes that try to fool you into thinking you need a membership or a long-term contract to get the best savings.

VIP, gold, silver and platinum memberships, advanced payments required, and free stuff are all red flags.

Nobody should have to sign a 15-page contract for laser hair removal.

Think about it.

There are other places in any city that use the same laser and have more experience.

When choosing an office, always ask – do they use professional marketers (closers) who are trained to sell during your consultation?

Laser hair removal in a doctor’s office is your best bet for the best cost, safety and efficacy.

Going anywhere else is like eating street food in a foreign country.

You’ll pay for it later.

It all comes down to reputation.

Reviews give you an insight about the company’s reputation.

So, which laser center is the most popular and respected in all of Pittsburgh?

You know.

OK, fine. Happel Laser Center.

Dr. Happel’s fans have not been ones to hide their allegiance.

Read our YELP, our Google reviews and our Vitals and Healthgrades reviews. Then give us a call at 724-969-0600.

There are no contracts in our doctor’s office.

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