Three Huge Shocking Laser Hair Removal Facts

Three Huge Shocking Laser Hair Removal Facts

Laser Hair Removal Facts: Lie #1

Big laser chains want you to sign a contract for 9 treatments. Laser hair removal does not take 9 treatments. There is no randomized controlled study, scientific article or any reason at all to sign up for 9 treatments. So why would anyone buy a package of 9 treatments? Because a salesperson told you that a package of treatments would “save you money”. What? Do you believe that?

The largest hair removal chains in this country have just set up offices in Pittsburgh.  They push very hard on your initial free consultation visit to make you sign a contract. You will meet a “closer” whose job it is to sell you a package before you leave their office. See the requirements posted on the internet for this job.

They work very hard to make you sign before you leave that day. Although laser hair removal requires more than one treatment, you may only need 3 or 4 or any number of treatments. Some places promise 3-5 treatments will make you happy.  The number of treatments vary from person to person. It varies depending on the location of the hair. It varies depending on the coarseness of the hair. It varies depending on the color of your hair.

NEVER buy an expensive package no matter how good it sounds that day. Once you sign that legally binding contract for nine treatments, you are legally obligated to pay for all of them. Even if that company goes out of business.  Alternatively, God forbid, you lose your job…you still have to pay. What if some unforeseen circumstance arises in your life that prevents you from proceeding.  You still have to pay for more treatments than you originally had planned.

We do not recommend expensive package deals. You pay as you go. We provide our services only when and if you need a treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Facts: Deception #2

Some clients say, “I am too smart and savvy to fall for a sales pitch and buy something that I will later regret.” People say and believe, “That won’t happen to me”. Oh yes it can!  Unfortunately, buyer’s remorse occurs every day. It happens after spending literally thousands of dollars on a package deal to remove unwanted hair. It is very, very common. Just read internet stories like this one written by an attorney from Pittsburgh.

These slick big chains are financially successful because they advertise heavily. That’s what a great sales pitch by an expert can do. First, they create a demand with a barrage of radio ads and then they make you think that you are getting a great deal. Their job is to get you excited. Do you believe them when they say that the offer expires that day? That’s modern state of the art marketing and advertising. It is very hard to resist.

One former employee wrote on the internet that the big chain company asks the employees to write fake reviews.

Laser Hair Removal Facts: Misconception Number 3

Some people mistakenly believe that there is no risk having laser hair removal. Some believe that anyone who has just trained for a couple of weeks can do it. Even a caveman could do it, right? People believe that at the national laser hair removal chains, if nurses operate the laser, then it’s safer. Nurses are not trained in nursing school to use a laser. Lawsuits resulting from burns and scars from laser hair removal are dramatically on the rise.

The irony is that laser chains starting new franchises in Pittsburgh advertise for nurses by stating” No experience necessary”. After a couple of weeks, they are let loose on the public who believes that laser hair removal is like getting a haircut.

35 states still consider laser hair removal as the practice of medicine. But only 26 states require on site supervision or require medical supervision.  In eleven states, there are no regulations for laser hair removal at all. Call us to learn how you can have laser hair removal done at the most experienced physician’s office in the city. Best of all, we do it at a fair and affordable price that will make you happy!

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