Laser Hair Removal Fears Dispelled

Laser hair removal fears are as common as backfence cats and muck.

Hopefully after reading this article, you will be reassured. You’ll understand why it is in such great demand.

Laser hair removal is one of the greatest advances in technology to come in decades. It’s the second most common cosmetic procedure performed in this country.

It is fast and it works.

However, like with anything that is new, people have concerns.

In this article, I will review those concerns and try to reassure you that it is the best thing since cell phones, Twinkies, Angry Birds, and dare I say it, even sliced bread.

Fear and Worry # 1.


Laser hair removal has some discomfort involved but for most people it’s quite tolerable. It’s nowhere near as bad as waxing. Everyone has different tolerances. The first couple of treatments are more difficult for some.

As your hair thins out, you feel less. We use a cryogen cooling spray, which temporarily freezes the spot which is lasered. That helps significantly.

The laser light heats up the hair follicle to make it eventually fall out. After a treatment, there is no pain or discomfort at all.

Fear and Worry # 2.

Side Effects.

laser hair removal fears no moreThe laser is just light. There is no radiation. Since the laser cannot penetrate below the skin, it cannot affect the underlying tissues or organs. Therefore, laser hair removal on the bikini area cannot affect your fertility.

However, in inexperienced hands, any laser can cause a skin burn. This is especially a concern if you are tanned.

We have the most experience doing laser hair removal in our city. Experience simply means less risks and complications.

Fear and Worry #3


When you add up all the costs of the alternatives, laser is more cost effective. A lifetime of shaving and waxing is more expensive than a series of laser hair removal treatments.

Let’s break the costs down.

Over a lifetime, a survey done in 2008 showed  that women in America who shave will spend an average average of more than ten thousand dollars and two whole months of their entire lives dealing with unwanted hair.

laser hair removal fears dispelledThe woman who chooses to wax once or twice a month spends more than twenty-three thousand dollars over her lifetime.

Save money with laser hair removal and just buy the number of treatments that you need. Do not buy expensive prepaid laser packages with phony discounts and deals woven into these legally binding contracts.

Prepaid expensive laser packages are also risky since even a national franchise with a 130 offices can go out of business and declare bankruptcy. It has happened. Your unused treatments in your package will not be refunded.

Fear and Worry #4


In the wrong hands, the laser can cause burns and even scarring. That is why you don’t want to go to a franchise. At a franchise- chain office, you will often get a different laser tech with different levels of experience for each treatment.

The laser is not a magic wand. For that reason, I would also recommend not going to a spa or medi-spa where there is no on site supervision by a physician. I have discussed this here.

Fear and Worry #5


Yeah, you’ve had a few.

After laser hair removal at other places, people have complained on the internet that it didn’t work for them. Perhaps that was because the laser tech was inexperienced or they used intense pulsed light, which isn’t even a laser at all.

If your skin is dark or your hair is too light, you will not get optimum results.

If you are locked into a long-term prepaid legally binding package, they will not let you out. That’s just how chains work.

medical doctors will allay laser hair removal fearsAt our medical office, you pay as you go. Our longest experience in the city will produce the results you want without the risk.

Fear and Worry #6

Number of treatments.

Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments because hair grows in cycles.

The number of treatments depends on the location of the hair, its coarseness, its color, your skin tone and your hormones.

You will save money if you have your hair removal treatments with us because we don’t push you too buy a package of nine treatments. Most people require fewer treatments so you save money.

Fear and Worry #7

laser hair removal fears and childrenChildren.

Many parents ask us if it is safe to have laser hair removal on their children. Many times kids have been teased or bullied because of facial or arm hair.

There are no adverse effects in children because the laser is just a light.

It will not penetrate the skin, affect growth, and there is no radiation at all.

Other children can be very cruel.

There is no reason for your kids to suffer the psychological effects of unwanted hair.

We have treated both of our children. The medical scientific literature supports the safety of laser hair removal for children.

Fear and Worry #8

Home Laser Hair removal.

Trying to do laser hair removal at home is like taking out your own appendix.

Besides it not working, it can be dangerous. Burns, skin damage and scarring can occur. People complain the most about it not working.

Trust your laser hair removal to a professional to get the best results.

Trying to skimp and save money with any home removal kit is simply a waste of your hard-earned money.

Ask Us About Your Fears

The best way to rid yourself of fear about having laser hair removal is simply to ask us about it. Just call us on the phone so that we can address your concerns before you make a decision. Our laser hair consultation is free.

We do not pressure you to sign anything … ever.

There is no hard sell unlike at the national franchise offices.

We will give you a doctor’s honest opinion and discuss realistic expectations.


Choose wisely. After you have spoken to us, decide if it’s worth it.

Do some research on the internet before you walk into just any office. Do not just go to a place that advertises all the time on the radio.

Our laser physician’s office is a well-respected medical practice in our community. Our core value is we care about you. Like a local doctor’s office as opposed to a big business. We care about your results, your total experience, and fulfilling your expectations.

Our Google reviews reflect it.

My name is on the shingle out front.  My reputation is on the line with every patient we treat.

I promise that you will love laser hair removal with us.

My word is my bond. To prove it, just ask me about my code of silence.

Contact us here or call 724-969-0600 to learn more. Happel Laser has street cred!

Easy to get appointment and it works. I have gone for two sessions now, and the results are great. I used to get ingrown hairs, red bumps and irritation from shaving, and I am so happy with how laser hair removal is going. I look forward to being done with treatment to see how the results compare to now.

C. Wilshire

I came here in tears after giving up on another hair removal place. What a difference! Cindy is amazing. She gave me my confidence back. She is precise and exact with the laser, and it’s clear that she cares about what’s important to her clients. She takes pride in her work.

Daria Z

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