What is the Track Record for Laser Hair Removal for Children?

Laser hair removal has a long term track record of being safe and effective for adults.

What about laser treatment for children?

 Is there a safe cut-off age?

A recent study done was done on the subject in 2009 by Rajpar in the journal, Clinical and Experimental Dermatology. It showed that laser hair removal for children under the age of 16 (the mean age was 12.3 years of age) is safe and well tolerated. Alternative methods such as plucking, waxing and shaving are not as well tolerated and can result in more psychological trauma.

How do Children Suffer With Unwanted Hair?

The fact is that children with excessive body or facial hair can suffer serious psychological damage. Ruthless ridiculing and brutal teasing can result. Tweezing, waxing, and anything else that rips hair out of the follicle is extremely painful. It has been shown to cause thickening and darkening and may stimulate more hairs to grow in that area. The hair will come back.

Children are physically maturing at a much earlier age. While menstruation used to start around age 12, it is believed that possibly because of chemicals in the food or changing nutrition patterns that puberty is coming earlier. Laser hair removal for teens has been proven safe and effective.

“It’s not uncommon for girls to get their period at 9 or 10 years old, and with that development comes increased hair growth,” said Dr. Doris Pastor, a clinical associate professor of pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital.

In some cases, this earlier hair growth seen in some children is secondary to some type of trauma in the past. Sometimes drugs like cyclosporine, dilantin or minoxidil may be the cause. Hormonal changes are a more common cause of this problem.

Laser hair removal is successful for children but it does require their cooperation.


Don’t let your children suffer psychological trauma, stress and bullying because of unwanted hair. Kids can be brutal and uncaring when they sense someone is different.

Laser hair removal for children is safe and effective. Experts in the field back up children having hair being permanently removed to eliminate the the risk of psychological damage, teasing or bullying.

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F.A.Q. - What does the laser feel like?

First, a clear gel may be applied to the skin. At the same time that the laser pulses are delivered, a cool cryogen burst of air will be applied simultaneously with the laser zap to make it more comfortable for you.

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