The Best Laser Hair Removal Guide Ever

The Best Laser Hair Removal Guide Ever

Ten Tips to Get You the Best Possible Laser Hair Removal

#1 Prepare Questions, Do Research, Make Inquiries

The tricky part when considering laser hair removal is asking the right questions.

You need a definitive laser hair removal guide. You need to know the truth. You want the best laser hair removal results at the best price.

You have to take an active role.

You can use this list to get started. Many of the following questions ask about experience in more detail. Experience means a lot when having laser hair removal. Experience is a huge factor in determining the success of your treatments.

  • What kind of experience does the laser specialist have?
  • How many decades of experience do they actually have?
  • How long has the laser specialist actually been doing laser hair removal?
  • How long has this laser office been in existence? (Not their national chain but that actual individual office.)
  • How many laser specialists perform laser in that particular office.
  • Will I get different laser specialists with different degrees of experience each time that I come for a treatment?
  • What happens if I don’t get the results that I expected?

Ask these tough questions about numbers. Ask specifically about their individual office’s numbers, not their national chain’s numbers.

Getting specific answers to these questions may be as tough as finding a vegetarian at a pig roast.

#2 Be Wary of Advertising

Marketing ploys, tricks, and traps are a disturbing trend of modern life. When you hear ever-present laser hair removal promotions on the radio, your caution antennae should go up.

Limited time offer is one of my favorite sales tactics. (sarcasm implied)

Celebrity endorsements are a dead give-away. Just because you may admire a celebrity, does that paid endorsement make that service more valuable?

Of course not.

Don’t be manipulated into buying laser hair removal services that you don’t want or need. Confusing but appealing deals are often incorporated into contracts.

When looking at a website, don’t you hate that annoying click here to chat with a customer service representative? That is for people who need instant gratification.

You will be referred to an operator who has little or no idea about the laser hair removal service that you want answers to. However, they will succeed in getting your contact information and will call you at a time that is convenient for them. Be careful of these places.

Be wary of those laser hair removal office that promise too much.

60-75% off deals implies a huge front loaded price that is out of the ballpark. If an advertised price sounds too good to be true – it is! Promotionally priced deals are often just that. Promotions are made to get you to call.

What you get may be something quite different.

Be especially careful of free offers and enormous discounts. Legitimate businesses have expenses they must cover, including rent, malpractice premiums, taxes, insurance, employee wages, and benefits, and quality lasers.

Lasers require expensive maintenance agreements in case the lasers break. Take it from a laser expert. Lasers break and need repaired. Repair technicians need to fly into town and the repair bills are quite high.

Beware of a company offering risk-free laser hair removal treatments. In the wrong hands, lasers can cause burns and scarring.  Any company that promotes so-called risk free treatments should set alarm bells ringing for consumers.

#3 Beware of Laser hair Removal Contracts

The person selling them will call them laser hair removal package “deals”. That is a slippery slope.

contractYou must take the time to read the fine print if someone presents you with a contract. As a doctor’s office, we do not ask that you sign a contract. Does it sound right that you need to sign a contract for a medical procedure?

Exercise extreme caution if you see the word, guarantee. People react differently to laser treatments. You must consider that if you are dealing with a large corporation with a team of lawyers that you will not be able to challenge.

A growing advertising scheme is called “drip pricing”. In this ruse, a company offers a huge discount of the sticker price and then loads additional services that you did not want. Credit cards and financing are examples of this technique of dripping out additional costs. Always read their fine print.

Another ploy is price baiting. Be careful of the term “Up to”. For example, “Save up to 75% on your purchase of our laser hair removal package” These claims generally point to the best-case scenario, and imply that you may not get the significant savings that they are suggesting.

#4  Laser Hair Removal Guide Tips: Important Questions and Answers

  • Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?
  • Are the results that I am seeking reasonable and realistic?
  • Do you have before-and-after photos I can look at for the procedure I am undergoing?
  • What will be the total costs associated with my laser treatment?
  • What is expected of me to get the best results?
  • What kind of recovery period can I expect, and when can I resume normal activities?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with my procedure?
  • How does your office handle complications?
  • What are my options if the cosmetic outcome of my treatment does not meet the agreed goals?
  • Light skin tones do best with an “Alexandrite” laser. Do not settle for intense pulsed light treatments for hair removal. They do not work as well as a true laser.
  • Remember that laser hair removal is an ongoing process that requires multiple sessions.

#5 Intangibles

This is where word of mouth and internet laser hair removal consumer reviews are very helpful.

Although I have stressed numbers in choosing a laser hair removal office, in medicine, as in life, just because you cannot measure something does not mean it is not important. I cannot put a number on how much I love my wife. It is very high.

successYou should not confuse numbers with success. The smile that you get when you arrive for a visit or the positive energy that you feel after interacting with the people in the office are impossible to quantitate.

Once you find the right mojo in the medical office that you finally choose, you don’t want to break that intangible positive vibe. Treatment by the same person every time that you come to an office is important. We will not switch you from one person to another when you come to our office.

#6 Requirements for Laser Hair Removal Specialists Operating a Laser

Laser hair removalLaser hair removal is a medical procedure. State laws regulate it to a degree. Make sure that the laser hair removal office that you choose is not just trying to appear as a medical facility. Make sure the doctor is on site during your laser procedure.  Just requiring nurses to operate the laser who have no real experience or merely a few weeks of laser training is not enough.

State regulations are nebulous in many cases. State’s guidelines describe different levels of physician involvement. The first is direct supervision. The second category does not require that a medical doctor perform or even supervise a laser procedure. Many states do not require that the physician be on site.

Finally, a few states require that only a medical doctor can operate a laser. However, even in those cases, under some circumstances, a doctor can use their discretion and allow another medical professional to perform a laser procedure.  The only restriction in these states is that a non-physician may not own the medical clinic.

However, the doctor must take responsibility. Do you at least know the name of the doctor who will be supervising your medical procedure? Are they really accessible to you if there is a problem? Are they there in the building if there is a problem?  It is important to know the answer to these questions. This laser hair removal guide is invaluable in this regard.

#7 Laser Technician Experience (Very Important)

laser technicianA laser specialist’s experience is the key to a successful laser hair removal experience. You must know how stuff works before you start the process.

Be sure to evaluate more than one place before making a choice.

Discuss your skin type and hair color. Find out if you are a good candidate before you start. Know your state’s regulations for laser hair removal. If your state is not as tough as others are, you may not get optimal results. Be your own advocate.

Discuss all the different types of lasers for hair removal. Is an Alexandrite, Diode, or YAG laser best for your skin type?

#8 Laser Hair Removal Guide for Consultations


Now that you have followed these tips on becoming a savvy laser hair removal consumer, you are ready to call for your free consultation.

The initial consultation is your chance to ask all of your questions about the laser specialist’s experience and evaluate the clinic as a whole. Ask a lot of questions and take notes. Write down the pros and cons of each. Compare laser offices before you make your final choice. Here is a good summary of the pros and cons.

Hopefully, you have narrowed your choices down to a doctor’s office. A doctor must be on duty while you have your laser treatments done for your safety.

#9 Beware of Hard Sell Closers on Your Initial Consultation

Closers are specialists. Closers are aggressive sales experts who are trained in marketing. Their only job is to get you to sign a legally binding contract. You can not get out of the contract once you sign. You can not change your mind.

There are teams of highly paid lawyers to reinforce that binding contract. Except for the field of plastic surgery, closers don’t exist in other medical fields. That is because health insurance covers the expenses in other medical disciplines.

We do not have closers. Our medical professionals aren’t trained in sales. We don’t offer BOGOs or free treatments or 60-70% off packages. The price of our services are transparent. They are easy to understand and compare since there are no complicated package deals.

#10 Reputation is Everything

reputationThe reputation of a medical practice is usually not on the list of most people’s priorities when making the choice of a laser hair removal office. Reputations are earned after many years.

Good reputations translate into word of mouth. Bad reputations are spread the same way. Gossip is the traditional informal social media. It existed before Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram were even invented.

Sometimes when medical practices are twisted into big business, the mission gets warped. Instead of helping people, money becomes the primary purpose of a business to exist. That is especially true with national laser hair removal chains which are listed on the national stock exchanges. At these places, non medical personnel masquerade in white lab coats to give their pseudo-medical offices an aura of medical respectability.

As a private solo medical practice, we put our reputation on the line everyday. We do not advertise. When others constantly advertise on the radio, that advertising eliminates the reputation factor from the equation. People listen to advertising and respond to it.

We put our reputation at risk everyday because our practice depends on satisfied people to spread the word. We are very proud of our reputation in the community and have been in practice since 1986.


Be prepared before you walk in for that initial free laser hair removal consultation. You need to know the secrets of how to choose a laser hair removal clinic.

Well-informed laser hair removal consumers should ask for references from previous patients.  Did you notice that I said patients and not clients or guests? A laser should only be operated in a doctor’s office or in a hospital.

You should consult friends,relatives and business acquaintances about the reputation of the laser hair removal office.

Read our laser hair removal articles on our website to learn how we operate and differentiate ourselves from other nonmedical laser hair removal offices.

For more trustworthy laser hair removal consumer tips, click here.

Give it a whirl! Our patients say that laser hair removal is the best thing that they have ever done for themselves!

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Dr. John Happel

Dr. John Happel has been in practice as a surgeon since 1986 in the Pittsburgh region. He specializes in vascular surgery and has subspecialized in the treatment of varicose and spider veins since 1999. Dr. Happel is board certified in vascular surgery and recertified in vascular surgery in 2012. He was chosen in 1985 to fulfill the position for the vascular surgical fellowship at the world renowned Mayo Clinic.

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