Laser Hair Removal Ideal Timing for Vacation

Laser Hair Removal Ideal Timing for Vacation

You Need to Know When to Get Laser Hair Removal for Vacation

You’re going on a beach vacation. You want to be entirely hair free and not bring a razor. You don’t want the hassle of shaving while you’re enjoying your time off.

When is the best time to go for laser hair removal so you will be definitely hair free?

The answer is:

Two weeks.

It takes almost exactly two weeks – like clockwork – for the hair to shed after the hair follicles are disabled.

Then its hairless bliss while you are on vacation.

What Not to Do Before Your Vacation

Just make sure that you’re not getting a base tan at the tanning salon before you come for any laser hair removal treatment. That includes spray tanning.

Do not pluck or tweeze your hair before a laser hair removal treatment. However, shaving the hair for a few weeks before is O.K. The laser can penetrate the surface of the skin to treat the hair follicles if you have shaved. The laser has no target if you have waxed, plucked or tweezed the hair. It will not be effective if you rip the hair out ahead of time.


The laser is attracted to dark targets. That includes hair, tanned skin, spray tanned skin and brown or age spots.  That’s how lasers are programmed for laser hair removal. You need a contrast between the hair and the skin for the laser to work most efficiently.

Some lasers can be used on darker skin. They are called YAG lasers but they are not as good as Diode or Alexandrite lasers for hair removal.

Intense pulsed light or IPL is an outdated form of light used to remove hair. It is often used in Europe and foreign countries. IPL can burn tanned skin more easily than laser and leave awful rectangular burn marks that look like the treated area has been burned in a waffle iron.

Although most burns do not cause scarring, sometimes-permanent skin damage can result. Often pigmentation problems result. The pigmentation could be darker or lighter than your normal surrounding skin tone.

The face is very forgiving as far as burns and scarring is concerned. The reason for that is that the face, neck and scalp are very vascular. That means that these areas have an excellent blood supply. That blood supply enables healing top occur faster than in other areas of the body.

However, if you get a burn from a laser hair removal treatment at a med spa or a national laser chain, see a doctor immediately to minimize your chance of a permanent scar.

Better yet, go to a physician’s office where the physician is directly supervising your treatment and is immediately available should any questions or problems arise.

The Cycles of Hair Growth

Hair grows in cycles. In about four to six weeks, another round of hair will start to grow.


The reason is that hair comes grows in cycles.

The cycles occur at different times in your body. For example, the cycles of hair growth for pubic hair are different in length from facial hair or underarm hair.

If you understand the nature of hair growth and want to be totally hairless for summer vacation, the ideal time to start the process is actually the winter. In winter, most of us are not tanned at all.

Since it usually takes four to six treatments to achieve the amount of hair reduction that most of us want, you should think ahead of time. That is hard to think of laser hair removal when it’s snowing or has been cold outside for months.


Think ahead. Leave a reminder on your phone. Planning ahead of time will give you optimum results when doing laser hair removal.

Lasers Gone Wild

Laser treatments for hair removal and for cosmetic procedures are in great demand. In the right hands with the right laser, the results are amazing.

Laws vary from state to state as to who can legally perform these treatments. However, there are stories of wives and receptionists performing laser hair removal with serious complications. One of the most famous cases occurred a few miles down the road from my medical office. This laser hair removal complication and burn was widely reported in the New York Times and on the local television stations.  

Lasers are not point and shoot devices like cameras on your phone. There are numerous settings of power or joules and milliseconds of pulse width. These cannot be set by looking at a chart. Your skin tone, nationality and skin parameters determine which of the multitude of settings would be ideal for you.

A laser is a potentially dangerous medical device in the wrong hands. Although it seems innocuous after a demonstration from the friendly laser company that sells the laser, disasters can and have occurred. Just type in “laser hair removal burns” on any search engine and click the Images button at the top of the page.

Experience and having laser hair removal in a real doctor’s office under direct supervision of a physician are two of the most important things that you need to research before choosing a laser hair removal office.


Planning ahead of time and having laser hair removal treatments in the winter when you are not tanned is the ideal way to be hairless for your beach vacation.

If time is short, you can have a laser hair removal treatment two weeks before you go away.

In two weeks, your hair will fall out like magic. You will not have to shave while you are away. Just don’t have a treatment done while you are tanned or have a spray tan. That will likely result in a burn.

After you return from vacation, you will need more treatments at an interval recommended by your laser specialist.

Have your treatments done in a doctor’s office. An experienced laser surgeon who is on duty during all of your laser hair removal treatments is mandatory for best results and for safety. Our secret sauce is honesty and giving you what you want at a fair and affordable price.

We’ve garnered great laser hair removal reviews.

We have been performing laser hair removal longer than anyone in Pittsburgh has. Experience and having it done in a doctor’s office correlates closely with optimum results and minimal complications. Call us today at 724-969-0600 or click here for more information. 

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