More Things You Don’t Want to Hear at Your Laser Hair Removal Office

More Things You Don’t Want to Hear at Your Laser Hair Removal Office

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More Things You Don’t Want to Hear at a Laser Hair Removal Office

We’ve already comprised previous top ten lists of things you don’t want to hear when you have laser hair removal performed.

Here’s our second top ten list.

This third list can also be educational. Realize though that lasers are medical devices and that many people take laser hair removal too lightly. 

Many laser hair removal offices have more angles than Euclidean geometry.

Here we go:

  1. You ask to speak to the doctor and your laser tech says, I’ve been told to pretend to say the doctor is in a meeting. (No doctor in the building)
  2. The assistant seems nice but you notice their name tag says Jekyll.
  3. You see chalk lines on the floor of the treatment room from the last laser hair removal guest.
  4. The VIP laser hair removal package for men at the med spa includes a complimentary lap dance.
  5. While selecting the settings on the laser for your treatment, your laser tech says, “Why are these directions always in Chinese?
  6. The laser is down again. Quick someone run and get the No! No! hair removal device.
  7. The laser office’s mission statement is …No hair, no shirt, no shoes, no worries.
  8. They tell you If you have any discomfort from the laser, “just suck it up.”
  9. You hear someone yell  “It’s the IRS, quick shred everything”.
  10. Your laser tech says, “My bad, I wish I would have remembered to bring my glasses today.”
  11. Customers who don’t press charges get an additional BOGO.
  12. The waiting room is packed with angry Grouponers who have been told the laser just broke again.
  13. You peek in the storeroom at a laser with a sign: For sale, only used once, small stain.
  14. A patient leaving in the elevator says, the laser hair removal didn’t work and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
  15. You hear someone from the room next door say, “I demand my money back, I’ve got hostages.”
  16. The laser repairman’s shirt says – PEP boys. Our names are Manny, Moe and Jack.
  17. You see a sign in the bathroom saying, “It’s the first of the month, everyone wash your hands.
  18. The receptionist says, “Sign in and date your consent form next to the ketchup stain.”
  19. You hear the laser tech tell the man before you, “All done here Silverback”.
  20. The laser tech tries to tell you jokes but she can’t remember the punch lines.
  21. When you get finally get home and read the fine print in your contract, you panic and call Edgar Snyder hoping his slogan – ” We’ll get money for you” – is true.
  22. Your med spa laser tech has the word, hate, tattooed on her knuckles.
  23. You notice a can of pepper spray sitting on the laser next to the laser.

And finally, your laser tech says, “Quick renew the laser warranty, the Kardashians are coming.”


We hope you enjoyed some of the humor.

But let’s be real.

Warning: The following is not funny.

Please allow allow us to leave you with a serious take home message.

You just signed a long-term contract worth thousands of dollars and they announced today that they just declared bankruptcy (very sad but oh so true).

After you get home and get to read the laser hair removal contract fine print you signed. You double up on your Zoloft.

Depressing and definitely not funny.

It happened to two laser chains with offices in Pittsburgh leaving thousands of people with thousands of dollars each in the lurch.

There’s one piece of advice that I’d like to be serious about; it’s about signing contracts for laser hair removal. Please read why you should never sign a contract for laser hair removal.

We resist that notion like a cat resists a bath.

Call us at 724-969-0600 and find out how Happel Laser is your best option for laser hair removal in Pittsburgh.

After you receive our services, we’ll leave you smiling like a Cheshire cat!

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