Laser Hair Removal for Men – Killer Checklist for Unwanted Back Hair

Laser Hair Removal for Men – Killer Checklist for Unwanted Back Hair

If You Read Only One Article About Pittsburgh Hair Removal for Men …

… Read These 9 Practical Laser Hair Removal Tips and Tricks    

Tip #1 Men, Always Ask for a Free Demo First.


What if it doesn’t work for you?

If your back hair is too light in color or has too much gray hair, you won’t get optimum results.

A free demo is like the test drive of a new car or truck.

Your back, chest or neck are sensitive areas. 

Men react differently to the laser. 

It can take up to an hour if you have a lot of hair that needs to be removed.

See how it feels before you proceed.

Don’t test the depth of the water with both feet.

Tip #2 Never Prepay for any Service.

That advice includes laser hair removal on your back.

Your back or your chest are large areas. The cost of laser hair removal is determined on the amount of hair that you have. Therefore, a back is more expensive than a lady’s mustache.

Consequently, more money is at risk if you prepay. Bankruptcy in laser hair removal offices is common.

You will still have to pay for unused treatments under current bankruptcy laws.

Many people have learned this the hard way.

Always pay for the treatment as you go.

You may not require the number of treatments that the laser office estimates that you may need.

Many men just want the back hair thinned out instead of completely smooth.

Read these 5 hidden truths about laser hair removal before you begin the process.

Tip #3 Is There a Doctor in the House?

Avoid laser hair removal treatments on your back if it’s done in a spa or a laser chain franchise where doctors never set foot.

Make sure the doctor is always on site.

A physician must be in the building should any questions, problems or complications arise.

Check to see if the supervising doctor in charge is in name only.

Ask if the doctor is even in the same state. You’ll be surprised to know that most laser centers in Pittsburgh don’t have a doctor in the building when you are having your procedure done.

Laser hair removal includes risks and complications can occur.

Complications and risks include burns, pigmentation problems of the skin and permanent scarring. Laser hair removal lawsuits are on the rise.

Tip #4 Compare costs.

Especially for men, this is a tough one. Some men have back hair like a bear. Others have smaller patches.

Experience teaches us to buy in bulk to save money. Don’t be fooled.

What if you don’t need the number of treatments that the spa or laser franchise salesperson is trained to push on you?

You will definably pay much more at the laser chains where nine treatments are in the standard contract.

Groupons for laser back hair removal are a disaster. You really do get what you pay for. 

*Understand that a doctor’s office that doesn’t push expensive front loaded packages with phony discounts. That can save you money.

Your final cost per treatment will be 2-3 times less than a laser chain or med spa.

A physician’s private office is a different environment than the cut-throat business world. 

Tip #5 Don’t Sign Contracts for Back Hair Removal.

In the business world, we’re used to contracts. Lasers are the medical world. Don’t be confused.

If they go bankrupt and you’ve signed a contract, you’re screwed.

You’ll never see that prepaid money again.

Remember, their guarantees aren’t worth the paper they are written on. In medicine, there are no guarantees because every patient is different.

Laser bankruptcies are quite common.

That’s the reason that a “package deal” offered for laser hair removal is often more advantageous for the laser company or spa or technician than for the patient.

Please click here to learn more:

Tip #6 Examine the Laser Office’s Professionalism.

Are you in an environment where they are more accountable to shareholders who own their stock rather than you?

Did you buy a binding package deal because they market only packages?

Uh, oh.

Understand that they make more money when you buy a package.

What if they leave town?

The best-case scenario is you have to drive to another city to have the rest of your nine treatments done because you bought a package. Which is how these things are handled apparently.

The worst case is that you can kiss that prepaid money goodbye. That happens a lot!

Did you ever consider before you went for your first laser hair removal treatment that you would ever need an attorney?

Read reviews of angry people who had to hire an attorney and still haven’t seen a full refund to this day.

All I can say is to quote Mr. T. who said, “I pity the fool.”

You have your best chances of reaching your goals at a fair price in a physician’s office.

Best of all, there are no salespeople or marketers in a doctor’s office.

Tip #7 Maintain It to Keep Your Back Hair Thinned Out.

The average person need to come for maintenance treatments.

Remember that laser hair removal is really laser hair reduction.

The maintenance schedule varies from person to person.

It also depends on your goals and expectations.

Please click the following link for more graphic details and to get a feel for how some laser hair removal franchises really operate behind the scenes in regards to maintenance.

Tip #8 Check Out Laser Hair Removal Reviews.

We all have a digital footprint.

Reviews on businesses and services are tremendously helpful. Although they’re not foolproof, they can give you the essence of an office.

Doctors, restaurants, spas, and laser franchises all have them.

What do people consistently say about how they were treated?

Look at:

  • Ease of appointments
  • How they were treated
  • The staff
  • Office professionalism
  • Results
  • Their overall experience

You just have to dig a little to discover the truth.

It’s always better to be forewarned instead of walking into a place without an inkling of their reputation.

Look at Google and YELP reviews for laser hair removal to get a feel for the professionalism of your chosen laser office.

Tip #9 Final Technical Tips.

  • Have someone shave your back with an electric razor before each treatment. The laser works by heating up the hair follicle. The less hair that the laser sees, the more comfortable your treatment will be.
  • Don’t tan. Tanned skin is a target for the laser. If you are tanned, burns and complications may result.
  • Make sure they use an Alexandrite laser for speed. Alexandrite lasers are the fastest. That’s important when treating large areas like the back which can take up to an hour to treat. Alexandrite lasers are cryogenic gas cooled. They have an ice cooling jet of spray that squirts microseconds before the laser zap. That makes for a much more comfortable experience.


Let’s face it: Laser hair removal really is different for men. 

The biggest difference is there is much more hair that needs to be removed when you’re talking about a man’s back. More hair usually means costlier.

Laser hair removal cost is an important factor in your decision.

Avoid places that offer front-loaded package deals, fake discounts, binding contacts and that make you prepay.

Television and radio advertising, salespeople in white coats, and in-house marketing managers are signs that you’re in the wrong place.

They’re on par with a horny tropical bird that you can hear for miles.

A physician’s private office is often your best bet for safe and cost effective laser hair removal results to permanently reduce unwanted back hair.

Isn’t it time you said Hasta la vista, baby – to your unwanted back hair?

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