Don’t Get Locked into Dishonest Laser Hair Removal Packages

Don’t Get Locked into Dishonest Laser Hair Removal Packages

Do Not Buy Laser Hair Removal Packages

Recently, a national laser hair removal chain with an office in the Pittsburgh area went out of business. They closed their doors forever and without warning. The company was American Laser Skincare.

What if the chain that requires that you buy a package of eight or nine treatments goes out of business? You are out thousands of dollars. Over a dozen local television consumer advocates throughout the United States have reported on this story. Former clients are outraged, angry and very shocked that this could happen.

American laser Skincare had thousands of clients and over 135 satellite offices throughout our country who will never see their money that they paid for laser hair removal packages. Read their Facebook page and the outrage that these people have expressed.

Here is what one customer, Tamara Blakely, had to say on their Facebook page after she lost all of her money from her prepaid contract and laser hair removal package. How do you close your doors without any warning to your clients or employees?! It’s just shameful business practice! I’m out over $3000! ALS are just crooks!!”

Another customer, Dora Riomayor, wrote,I’m in NYC and just got the shock of my life.”

More than one person complained that ALS started a credit account against their constant. These are credit horror stories.

“When I first joined, they applied for a loan WITHOUT my consent. It took two months to get it taken off my credit report.”-Anonymous.

This Pittsburgh American Laser Skincare client only received one and a half treatments of a ten treatment laser hair removal package and is seeking legal action. Nine people clicked on this web site saying that they had the same issue.

Joy Neman who was also a former ALS client wrote, “Absolutely ridiculous. I hope you guys realize what you did to your customers. I have paid over $1000 so far and have to keep paying with my payment plan for no damage to my credit. This is absolutely insane and ridiculous.”

A manager of one of the 135 branch offices, Amanda Santiago said,“ We had no idea this was happening. It was a surprise to all employees as well. I’m sorry.” Would that make you feel better?

Another customer of American Laser Skincare, Paul Black, wrote, “I am so disappointed. I feel like this company was running a scam. I went in last week for a consultation and today for my first treatment. I received a call yesterday confirming my appt [sic] and imagine my surprise when there was nothing but a hand written note saying the clinic had been closed.”

American Laser Skincare former client, Mandy Musselman, wrote, “It makes me sick to feel that I have been scamed [sic] by these evil people! People are out so much money, and just showed up for their appointments and the place was locked down! I am so angry…”

Laser hair Removal Packages Are Toxic!

NEVER buy a preloaded outrageously expensive laser hair removal packages.


Our philosophy is that you should only pay for the services that you use and only when you use them.

Another reason is that laser hair removal packages are very, very costly. After first mentioning this huge number, then the offers of “discounts” and “deals” start flowing. After all these fake discounts, “free treatments”, guarantees and bogus offers, you still end up paying more than if you paid for the service at the time of your service. A lot more!

It is very possible that you won’t need all of the treatments sold in laser hair removal packages.  Not paying for treatments you won’t use saves you money. What if you sign a contract for nine treatments and don’t use them? Don’t let them oversell and overcharge you.

What if the laser hair removal company folds up its tent?

You can flush that money that you prepaid down the toilet.

Slick big laser hair removal chains make money at your expense because they advertise heavily. A great sales pitch by an expert can make you commit to signing a contract before you have had a chance to think. They create a demand with their constant radio ads.

When they describe all the different “deals” and the thrown in “free treatments”, you can get excited. That’s when you are the most vulnerable. Take your time and carefully go over the legalese carefully written into these contracts. Legalese is formal and technical language of legal documents that is often hard to understand.

Laser Hair Removal Packages Are a Black Box

A black box is a symbol for the big unknown. You can’t understand this black box and what’s in it.  It’s so complicated. It’s not clear what you are obligated to pay until you get home and read the fine print. Even later, you can’t be sure what it really means.

Big chain laser hair removal franchises push packages.


Packages make them more money. They know that most people won’t use all of the treatments in their laser hair removal package. More money for them.  Read the fine print before you sign. Are some of those treatments only touch ups? What are the time limits before your prepaid treatments expire? Be careful of the word, “guarantee”. Carefully read what their definition of guarantee really is.

How to Save Money Doing Laser Hair Removal

  • To save money doing laser hair removal, do not use their credit cards to finance your treatments. “Easy financing” is available at these franchises. Be careful. Some people have written that they weren’t even aware that they had signed up for that chain’s credit card! They really want you to buy on an impulse and sign that binding legal contract before you leave on your initial visit.
  • To save money, make sure you are getting true laser treatments and not intense pulsed light. Alexandrite lasers are the most effective type of laser treatments. Ineffective treatments will make more treatments necessary, which will cost you more money.
  • To save money, comparison-shop first. When franchises sell their expensive packages, often other body areas are “thrown in” to make the deal more attractive. They want you to sign up that day before you can think about it. They don’t want you to do the math. They don’t want you to comparison shop.
  • To save money, don’t pay for unnecessary treatments. If you come to us for a follow up visit and you don’t need it, we will tell you. As a reputable physician’s office, we can be trusted more than a medi-spa or a business where no doctor has ever set foot. Fewer treatments mean you save money.
  • To save money and heartache, deal with an established office. The Better Business Bureau of St. Louis put out a warning about another laser hair removal business that went out of business. This left those customers who bought packages in the lurch. The BBB recommends that people do their due diligence before signing binding contracts. Make sure that before you trust a business with your money that they deserve your trust.


To summarize, learning how others have been burned on laser hair removal packages can save you money. Reading what other’s experience can save you money. Research your options thoroughly before you make your final decision.

Read the unfortunate stories and complaints on the internet about laser hair removal packages. That due diligence can save you thousands of dollars.

At our physician’s office, you pay as you go. Laser hair removal packages are unethical in my opinion. You save money by not paying for treatments that you won’t use. You reduce your risk in case the laser hair removal office goes out of business. Our services are simple to understand, straightforward and honest.

Visit our respected and established physician’s office for an opinion that you can trust. Contact us here or call our office to learn more.

About The Author

Dr. John Happel

Dr. John Happel has been in practice as a surgeon since 1986 in the Pittsburgh region. He specializes in vascular surgery and has subspecialized in the treatment of varicose and spider veins since 1999. Dr. Happel is board certified in vascular surgery and recertified in vascular surgery in 2012. He was chosen in 1985 to fulfill the position for the vascular surgical fellowship at the world renowned Mayo Clinic.

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