Pittsburgh Laser Hair Removal Reviews – Are They Reliable?

Pittsburgh Laser Hair Removal Reviews – Are They Reliable?

Reviews of Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh …

That Can Help You Choose the Best of the Best

Internet Reviews of Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh

Reviews isolated on prime yellow banner button abstract illustrationWe live in an age where people like to voice and share their experiences whenever they buy a product or a service.

And it’s not just restaurants and hotels that get reviews anymore.

These days every relationship, product or service that can be rated and graded will be.

That’s good for you.

To help learn the truth.

In a world full of advertising, thank God we have the Internet.

With honest reviews, you can skip the sales pitches and slick paid advertising.

Candid opinions from people who have already experienced the service that you want can give you an edge.

Let’s dive in and learn more.

What Is the Data About Online Reviews?

Word of mouth still remains the best form of communicating opinions but online reviews are becoming much more popular.

Here are the stats:

50 Important Stats You Need to Know About Online Reviews [Infographic]

  • According to BrightLocal, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Star rating is the number on way that customers assess a business
  • 39% of people read reviews on a regular basis and only 12 % of people never read reviews.
  • The trend is that more people are reading them more regularly before purchasing a product or service like laser hair removal.
  • 86% of people hesitate to buy from a business with low ratings.

88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

By reading reviews, you get a preview of coming attractions.

Don’t you want to hear real life experiences before you commit to a laser hair removal experience?

You don’t want to test the depth of the water with both feet.

Fake Reviews Can Muddy the Waters

There’s no doubt that internet reviews about laser hair removal in Pittsburgh can give you an edge.

But you know what’s kind of sad?

Not all reviews that you read online are genuine.

Sometimes there’s a finger on the scales.

Fake online reviews are omnipresent according to Time magazine.

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Online Reviews

Even though there are flaws in the system, critiques of laser hair removal places can be useful.

Ratings that go with the reviews can be misleading.

5-star-ratingHow the heck did getting 4 stars become a bad thing?

It’s crazy that Uber drivers can be fired if they don’t maintain a 4.6 average out of five stars! In school terms that’s a 92%.

People can have different opinions after a similar experience.

However, when you take a closer look, we believe that it’s not hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

At least that’s what we think about our ability to detect the fake ones.

Even if you think you can spot fake reviews, researchers say you probably can’t.

Researchers at Cornell created software to detect “opinion spam” (fake online reviews) in a pool of 800 reviews—half of them fake, half of them were real. People couldn’t tell the difference and are lousy at identifying deceptive reviews.

The good news is that Cornell researchers are developing computer software that’s pretty good at it.

Consumerist, a subsidiary of Consumer Reports, reported on 30 ways to spot fake online reviews.

As Justice Potter Stewart once famously said of obscenity, “I know it when I see it.”

Maybe we don’t.

For that reason, in general, you have to take internet reviews with a grain of salt.

complaints written by a handHowever, if the criticism is consistently uniform, it can raise your radar and steer you clear from a potentially bad experience.

Personally, I find the negative reviews more helpful if there are a number of them that are consistent.

These negative reviewers tell us real life situations that they actually experienced that we can avoid.

Especially when they are recurring.

Those that appear on appear on national forums are more dependable.

It’s A Jungle Out There – Online Reviews Can Cut Through It

If you dropped a nickel on the sidewalk at night, but had no flashlight to look for it, would you walk to the next block where there was a street light to find it?

The obvious answer is no.

However, many people get tunnel vision when it comes to where their search efforts should be focused when looking for laser hair removal in Pittsburgh.

Advertising isn’t reliable.

Truth in advertising is an oxymoron.

Researching is the obvious answer. But that takes a little effort.

On average, people spend two hours researching on the average buying a flat screen television.

Surprisingly, they only spend less than a half hour researching buying health insurance according to a Walls St Journal article from 10/18/14.

Even less time is spent researching the best laser hair removal in town.

To avoid an expensive mistake, always do your homework before choosing a laser hair removal office in Pittsburgh.

Not Reading Laser Hair Removal Reviews Could Leave You Needing a Lawyer

Laser procedures used to be done in hospitals by doctors who were trained in lasers.

Over the past decade, cosmetic spas and franchises in Pittsburgh that “do laser treatments” are a veritable sausage grinder of aesthetic services.

Dear reader, don’t take this as an elitist stance with my pinky upraised.

However, safety is often taken for granted or completely ignored once you enter a spa environment.

People forget that the water is freezing because the band is playing as the laser ship is sinking.

Laser hair removal franchises and med spas are a complete menace.

clock face, concept of bankruptcy, financial problemPittsburgh got a bad taste of this from the national laser chain business from two companies who have gone bankrupt.

They hurt a lot of people who got screwed by prepaying for a package of treatments that they never received.

The two bankrupt national laser chains with offices in Pittsburgh were Premiere Laser Spa and American Laser Skincare.

Guess what?

They had horrible internet reviews.

Click on the links above to read the terrible experiences of people who didn’t do their research.

Learn from their experience!

Dependable Tips to Find the Best Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh

Businessman pushing virtual excellent button on grey backgroundYou want tested and trusted reviews by people who have already shared an experience.

Reviews on businesses, services are extremely helpful. You just have to dig a little to discover the truth.

Not foolproof but they can give you the mist or essence of a place.

If a business or service has been operating long enough, look for their digital footprint.

Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, restaurants, and laser hair removal offices all have a digital footprint.

The Bottom Line

At Happel Laser, we have garnered some great trustworthy laser hair removal reviews which reflect our reputation.

See why CBSlocal.com rated us at the top of the list for the best laser hair removal in Pittsburgh.

To keep you safe and ensure optimum results, you need guidance.

Online reviews are a great way to learn about a business or service.

It’s just common sense that if you need heart surgery, you don’t go to a foot doctor.

Since we were the first to do laser hair removal in Pittsburgh, there have been a lot of imitators.

Happel Laser imitators are everywhere in Pittsburgh.

You won’t catch their act with Elvis in Vegas.

You have to come to our office to experience the real deal.

To make it easy for you, click on our review links in the following sentence.

Read our Google, YELP, Healthgrades, Rate MDs, Vitals.com, Kudzu and Birdeye reviews to learn more about us.

Then give us a call at 724-969-0600 for a free demonstration of the best laser hair removal system in Pittsburgh.

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