Ten Unbelievable Laser Hair Removal Secrets Never Before Revealed

Ten Unbelievable Laser Hair Removal Secrets Never Before Revealed

These are the mind-blowing laser hair removal secrets…

Secret #1 Laser hair removal takes an average of four to six treatments. It doesn’t take nine treatments. That’s what the laser franchise chains push. They say that to maximize profits. Period. These franchises are a half of a billion-dollar industry listed on the stock exchange. They are primarily interested in only one thing. To maximize the profits for their shareholders by any means possible. This is the most important fact on our list of laser hair removal secrets.

Laser hair removal packages are sold solely to maximize profits for the laser hair removal franchise. That is big business. Our medical office does not offer packages. Buying packages forces you to return for more and more treatments. Packages push you to pay for treatments that you do not need or will never use.

Secret #2 Laser hair removal does not work on light hair or people with dark skin. Therefore, it works best on people who have dark hair and light skin. That combination gives the best results. The best lasers for hair removal are Alexandrite lasers.

Alexandrite lasers are the most effective without question. YAG lasers do not work as well. People with dark skin will see fewer complications but achieve less benefits with YAG lasers. Home laser hair removal and equipment does not work and is expensive.

Secret #3 All of your hair will not be removed with a laser. The majority of people are extremely happy with the amount of reduction of their hair that is possible with a laser. Only electrolysis can remove hair permanently. However, the time required and number of treatments required to remove your hairs follicle by follicle makes that unrealistic.

Waxing hurts more so people prefer laser. Waxing is never ending. Most people prefer laser to waxing. Although laser hair removal treatments have some degree of discomfort, that discomfort decreases as the hair is reduced.

Secret #4 Maintenance is never mentioned in laser hair removal advertisements. Laser hair removal requires maintenance treatments just like exercising requires that you keep training to maintain the benefits.

 Secret #5 Complications can occur in inexperienced hands. Most complications from laser hair removal are the result of inexperienced laser operators. Inexperienced operators perform treatments on people with tanned or dark skin. Dr. Tina Alster, one of the leading laser specialists in the world stated, “There’s a perception by the public that anybody can do operate a laser for hair removal. People need to remember, it’s not the laser doing the work, it’s the operator”. She also states that not a week goes by that she doesn’t see a complication from a laser.

Secret #6 It is a well-hidden secret that national hair removal franchises are pseudo-medical. Some workers with no medical background walk around in white jackets to convey the appearance that they are medically trained. Many of their pseudo-professional employees are really trained in business and marketing.

The clinical director at one of the chains in our city sold real estate and was a personal fitness trainer before she started working last month. Nurses are quickly trained to give the place a pseudo-legitimate medical aura. There are pseudo-therapies with pseudo-legitimate appearing web sites. There is no on-site supervision by a physician at these chains in our city. Dr. Happel is always on-site when you have your laser hair removal in our physician’s office.

Secret #7 A dirty little laser hair removal secret is that you will be oversold and overcharged at national laser hair removal chains. They are the most expensive places to have laser hair removal. Do not fall for the phony discounts and deals. That information is from the people who have worked there. Pricing is complicated and convoluted when packages are rammed down client’s throats. You pay more for their constant radio advertising.

We price laser hair removal by the area. The uncertain thing is how many treatments you will need. Therefore, I usually recommend only paying for the treatments you need, not “package pricing.”

Why do they call it quicksand when it sucks you down slowly? Laser chains are like quicksand. The first day that you arrive, they have one goal in mind. That is to get you to sign their contract before you leave at all costs. They will grind you down.

If you leave saying that you need to think about it, you will be guaranteed to receive follow up emails and phone calls imploring you to sign up. Usually another discount will be offered to try to entice you. This is what the New York Times says about Ideal Image laser hair removal. Read about this here.

Secret #8 Think about this secret for a minute. Laser hair removal is less expensive than the alternative methods of removing hair. Consider all of the years that you’ve been paying for waxing. Although laser is equivalent to about the cost of two to three years of waxing, after a few treatments, fifty per cent of your hair is permanently gone. The younger you are when you have laser done, the more money you save in the long run.

Estimates reveal that the average woman will tediously shave her legs 11,000 times during her lifetime. That’s a never-ending use of razors and shaving cream. That’s also a lot of ingrown hairs and accidental nicks. You’re actually losing money by not doing laser hair removal or if you consider the alternatives of a lifetime of shaving and waxing.

Secret # 9 Another undisclosed laser hair removal secret is that customers weren’t the only ones unhappy at laser hair removal chains. People who work at laser chains are often discontented. These employees complained that salespeople were urged to get “super-pushy” with customers.

After his first column revealing these complaints by a well-known laser hair removal franchise, a New York Times reporter, David Segal said he got emails from some current and former disgruntled Ideal Image employees. Read about it here.

Secret #10 Another huge laser hair removal secret is that you don’t have to suffer from ingrown hairs any more. Laser hair removal is the best way to rid yourself of ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs often result from shaving and waxing. Ingrown hairs can cause folliculitis which is an infection of the individual hair. Imagine no more razor bumps, red spots or irritation under your arms, on your bikini line or on your neck.


Are you looking for a unicorn?

Painless, cheap or better yet, free with no risks or complications.  You want it done in your house. Convenience of location is important.

We all want better, faster and the very latest technology.

Most of these laser hair removal secrets can be discovered on hair removal forums such as http://www.hairtell.com

The truth is that most people do not take the time and will not spend the effort to research these basic facts. Therefore, for most people, these are laser hair removal secrets. Do some research before set foot in any hair removal facility.

People often say that laser hair removal is the best thing that they have ever done and they don’t regret it one bit.

That is the truth. However, not all places are not the same.

Our physician’s office has more experience than any other laser hair removal office in the city.

We strongly recommend that you choose your laser hair removal facility carefully.

Don’t put it off any longer. Call us today at 724-969-0600 for the best results at a fair price or contact us here.

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