Laser Hair Removal for Men

Getting rid of your back and chest is easier than ever before. Laser is your best choice by far to get rid of unwanted hair.

For Men Only… Laser Hair Removal for Back Hair

Men have concerns about unwanted hair that are very different from women. For men, unwanted back hair and chest hair are best treated with a laser. We also commonly treat shoulders, arms and the neck.

There are some men who no longer want to shave their face or have unwanted hair growing from their ears. Wherever unwanted hair grows, we can help with the best lasers available.

If you a man and are serious about laser hair removal, you need to read a Beginner’s Guide to Back Hair Removal for Men. You want a summary that will walk you through it. You also need a medical doctor’s office that has extensive experience.

At our center, we exclusively use the latest Alexandrite lasers which are the fastest lasers for hair removal in the world.

For men, speed is especially important when treating large areas like the back and chest.

Our lasers can get you in and out and are easily fitted into your busy schedule. Call us to learn how much less it costs if you don’t buy an expensive laser hair removal package.

how alexandrite lasers work
laser hair removal for men back hair

Permanent laser hair reduction is well within your budget.

We don’t have pushy salespeople or closers asking you to buy more than you need. People tell us that it is the best thing that they ever did for themselves.

The cost of laser hair removal and convenience are always important considerations when having back hair laser removal treatments. The prices for treating your back hair or chest are really are more affordable with us. We do not push expensive packages like our competitors. You pay as you go. You never have to worry about wasting treatments in a package deal that you may never need or use.

You are not locked in to an expensive package if you should change your mind for any reason. There is never a hard sell because your treatments will be done in a physician’s office.  Dr Happel will be on site for all of your treatments. We are a doctor’s office and not a spa or random laser business that is nationally franchised.

We are proud of our medical reputation in our local community. Our laser specialists have more experience doing laser hair removal than anyone else in the city of Pittsburgh.

Experience and great results are closely correlated and you can rest assured that you will be in expert hands. Our reviews on the internet clearly affirm our expertise our patient’s positive experiences.

Self image is important for everyone. Some men feel embarrassed going outside without a shirt. After laser treatments, you won’t be ashamed at the pool or beach ever again. Men are turning to laser hair removal more than ever before. Don’t let unwanted hair keep you from dating or intimacy any longer. You work hard and deserve to be happy.

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