Laser Hair Removal For Women

At the Happel Laser Spa, our laser specialists have been performing laser hair removal for women longer than anyone in the Pittsburgh area.

At the Happel Laser Spa, we feature the latest Alexandrite lasers which have been proven to be the most effective lasers for permanent hair removal in the entire world.

The Happel Laser Spa began using Alexandrite lasers for hair removal in 1999. We continue to use this gold standard wavelength for hair removal today. Laser-like devices using intense pulsed light generally are not as effective as true lasers.

The real reason that many places use intense pulsed light is that many states do not allow anyone except physicians to operate a laser. They are cheaper to buy. The results have proven to be inferior to a true Alexandrite laser.

Do You Have Unwanted Facial Hair?

Laser hair removal to remove facial hair is our most requested procedure. This remarkable technology rapidly eliminates facial hair. The most common areas we do laser hair removal are the chin and lip.

Shaving and waxing are painful and tiresome. Waxing hurts more than laser hair removal. For some women with unwanted hair, it’s a medical, genetic or hormonal imbalance that starts the process of researching alternatives like laser hair removal.

Alternative methods to rid you of facial hair including electrolysis are much more tedious and time consuming. As long as the hair color is dark on a relatively light background (your skin), results will be optimized. Shaving, plucking, waxing, sugaring and other less popular alternatives.

These other methods require frequent painful touch ups as the hair grows back. They are all messy and time consuming. This constant, frequent maintenance can be avoided with our unique laser technology.


Other areas that are frequently treated include the bikini line, underarms, legs, around nipples, abdomen and toes. Wherever hair grows that you don’t want, we can help.

But don’t delay too long. Once your hair turns gray or white, the laser can no longer zap them. Laser treatments require a target that is dark. It won’t work on blond, gray or red hair.

Bikini Line Hair Removal vs. Full Brazilian

For many women, the desire to go hairless on their bodies is a personal decision. Sometimes getting rid of unwanted hair is something that you do for convenience. The Brazilian is the total removal of your pubic hair. It is the growing trend. Meanwhile in regards to pubic hair, others decide to go hairless to spice up their marriage or love life.

Nowadays, many gynecologists and dermatologists find that it is now rather unusual for many young sexually active women to have full natural pubic hair. Lasering unwanted pubic hair has become one of our most popular requests.

Modern fashion including smaller bikini bottoms, lingerie and low riding pants and jeans are helping mold attitudes toward less pubic hair and more grooming. No one ever wished that they had more pubic hair.

The trend is for many ladies to have either a small patch of pubic hair or none at all. Shaving often leaves red razor bumps, ingrown hair or rashes which are unsightly and uncomfortable.

Laser hair removal of the bikini area either leaving a strip or a small triangle up to a full Brazilian is becoming more the norm in grooming trends and personal hygiene. Hairiness is often equated with our more primitive ancestors and beauty is more often associated with the lack of body hair.

Current trends with the help of this modern technology battle our primitive natural appearance. Laser technology is leading the way in molding our modern vision of what constitutes feminine beauty.

Going bare is becoming a fashion statement for some. Eventually, the removal of pubic hair may become as necessary as the removal of underarm hair and leg hair which are no longer acceptable for women in this country. But advanced technology is not cheap. However, with our pricing and approach it is affordable for most women.

Laser Hair Removal Costs

An important point to consider is the final cost of laser hair removal for women. Our laser center does not push expensive package deals. There are no legally binding long term contracts at our facility. Don’t let anyone persuade you into signing a contract that will lock you in.

Be suspicious of huge “discounts” or deals from places that advertise heavily on the radio because that expensive advertising will be included in the final price. We do not advertise. You save money.

The prices for laser hair removal are significantly less if you do not buy expensive packages.

Buy only what you need. Your total cost will be less. It is profitable for laser offices to bundle their services. They don’t want you to know that they will make more money if you buy packages. That’s why they push them.

Don’t purchase laser hair removal treatments in a package that you will never use.

Understanding Your Skin Type

Your skin type is determined mostly by your ethnicity and heredity, and can vary from person to person. When considering laser treatments, your skin type will come into play because not all lasers work on all skin types.

At Happel Laser Spa, our lasers work best for skin types 1 – 3

Understanding Your Skin Type

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Laser Hair Removal Experience is Important

Experience correlates with great results. At your initial consultation and laser hair removal treatment, ask exactly how many years your laser specialist has been actually performing laser hair removal. Happel Laser Spa has the longest experience doing laser hair removal in the city of Pittsburgh.

If there will be more than one operator, will there be any novices who will be practicing on you? If you choose to go to a national franchise that has been recently established in our city, you will be bounced from operator to operator. All have different levels of experience.

Don’t accept an answer that the franchise has been around for years in other cities. How long has the person who will be actually doing your treatment been treating patients?

Just read our laser hair removal reviews on the internet to learn about other’s experience with us. Our patients say that laser hair removal with us is the best thing that they have ever done for themselves!

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