Letters From Our Patients

At Happel Laser, patient care and satisfaction is our highest priority. We appreciate hearing from our patients describing their experience.

Dear Dr. Happel and Cindy,

Having laser hair removal at your office has changed my life. I know that may sound dramatic but let me explain.

Before I came to your office I had always plucked, waxed, or shaved the hair on my lip and chin until I found out about your office from my hairdresser. After I did this for years the hair seemed to come back thicker. Now since doing lazer at your office I can’t believe the change in my life. No more bumps or ingrown hairs. The skin on my face is smooth for the first time in years. It is truly wonderful!

It all started with my initial consultation. Cindy put me at ease right way. She is not pushy just confident and her tone of voice made me relax. She is very professional but also very nice. She cracks me up and I actually look forward to see her and tell her what’s new with me. Another cool thing was that I never had to wait for more than a couple of minutes and sometimes they took me back before I even had a chance to sit down.

The treatments didn’t bother me at all and were even easier than I ever imagined.

I tell all my friends that this lazer is the best thing that I ever did for myself! No lie. My best friend just came for a visit and demo and she wants to do it too.

Thank you and all the great staff. You guys are the best!


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