It’s True: You Really Can Save Money Getting Laser Hair Removal

And Here’s How

We promise that if you read this article that you will learn the secrets for saving money on laser hair removal in Pittsburgh that few people know.

We also promise to deliver on that promise to save you a lot of money and you don’t have to clip any coupons.

Just follow these tips to avoid being taken advantage of by franchises that have fine-tuned the art of picking your pocket without you even being aware that you have been taken.

First, you need to know what to avoid when choosing a laser hair removal facility in Pittsburgh.


  • Fake deals
  • Fake discounts (60% off is the most common)
  • Prices that are too high or too low
  • Paying in advance for any service including laser hair removal (read – contracts)
  • Places that don’t specialize in laser hair removal
  • Hidden fees with guarantees for maintenance in the fine print
  • Places that advertise all of the time

At these places, you end up in a giant pot of soup with stuff floating in it.

It’s reminiscent of people who go to a buffet looking for a great steak dinner.

That’s not realistic.

Not specializing in the service that you want (laser hair removal) stands out like a pair of yellow socks to people in-the know.

The Three Bears and Laser Hair Removal Cost

You remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, right?

The porridge was too hot in the first bowl. It was too cold in the second bowl and just right in the third bowl.

Prices for laser hair removal run along that same basic principle that we all learned as children.

Laser hair removal lasers are expensive to buy and to maintain.

No place is going to give away their services basically for nothing which is the case with Groupon.

Upselling is mandatory to make this work.

Is that what you want or do you want to save money which is what I promised in the introductory sentence?

Here it is broken down to its simplest terms:

  • Price too high – (Ideal Image) – Prices after all of their heavily advertised “deals and discounts” are included are 2-3 times what you would pay at our office. In addition, their hard sell is as tenacious as a debt collector. Learn more about Ideal Image’s “image problem” by clicking the link.
  • Price too low – Groupon
  • Price just right with a true laser center.

The Hidden Costs of Laser Hair Removal

Often the advertised deal seems just too good to be true.

Some people take those verbal promises at face value at their initial consultation when the salesperson is doing everything in their power to get you to sign a binding contract that day.

They don’t want to hear, “I’ll be back” or “I have to discuss it with my spouse first”.

They will be persistent. They will follow up and call or email you relentlessly.

You have to ask yourself, do the advertised discount deals of 60% off really include all of the costs?

Or are many costs hidden?

Why ask?

Because people have complained loudly on the internet that those guarantees come with additional fees after they read the fine print of the 15-page contract.

You should be aware of any additional costs including the need to purchase additional treatments to achieve the best results.

Also, ask what options or guarantees are available to you if you aren’t fully satisfied with your results.

Remember, the advertised deals and discounts come with a big string attached.

That string is the contract that you must sign to get the advertised deal.

The contract forces you to keep coming back because there are no refunds.

You won’t get a refund if:

  • It doesn’t work because your hair is too light or your skin is too dark.
  • You are too sensitive and find it too painful.
  • You can’t afford it because you lost your job and can’t make the payments.
  • You move and can’t drive to their office any more.
  • The laser hair office goes bankrupt like many large aesthetic franchises in Pittsburgh like American Laser Skincare, Premier Laser Spa, and the Circulatory Center did.


Paying in advance for laser hair removal  – or any service for that matter – to try to get a deal is never a good idea.

Too many things can go wrong. When it does, you can’t back out after you’ve signed a legal binding document. So, just don’t get trapped.

Seek out a reputable laser center with the most experience doing laser hair removal in Pittsburgh.

So which laser hair removal center is the most popular and respected in all of Pittsburgh?

You know.

OK, fine. Happel Laser Spa.

Our fans have not been ones to hide their allegiance.

Just read our reviews.

Rogue body hair plagues many of us.

At our office, there are:

  • No contracts.
  • No hidden costs.
  • No advertising.
  • No fake discounts or fake deals.

We don’t ask you to pay in advance like our competitors.

There, we just saved you a lot of money and heartache.

Give the professionals at Happel Laser Spa a call at 724-969-0600 to save money and get your laser hair removal done .

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