Shedding Light on Laser Hair Removal Treatment Results

Shedding Light on Laser Hair Removal Treatment Results

How Laser Light Helps You Shed Hair

As the summer vacation season approaches, everyone is a little self conscious about getting into that swimsuit. Some people just want to lose a few pounds.

Other people want to firm up around the mid section and the buttocks. And others are more self conscious about unwanted hair. For those individuals, it’s the perfect time to consider laser hair removal.

The latest lasers featured at the Happel Laser & Vein Centre provide a new level of effectiveness. That means that your results will last. Less treatments are possible with our better lasers so you save money. The latest lasers mean less treatments are required. Therefore, your total cost is less.

Which Body Areas Can You Have Great Laser Hair Removal Treatment Results?

Laser hair treatment results in loss of unwanted hair of the bikini line, face, chin, lip, neck, back, shoulders, chest, abdomen, legs, toes and even buttocks. Other hair removal techniques provide only temporary relief and require a significant time commitment which makes it impractical and expensive.

Laser hair removal disables and removes hundreds of hair follicles with each flash of light.  With electrolysis, the hairs are treated one at a time.  The laser light passes harmlessly through the skin and is targeted and absorbed only by the hair follicle.

The light energy permanently removes the hair follicles in only their active phase of the growth cycle. Multiple treatments are usually necessary to remove more of the hair follicles since they are not all in the same phase of their cycle of growth.


Unwanted hair from any part of your body can be permanently reduced.  This results in a long lasting solution.

Sound good?

Most people see dramatic results within two weeks of their initial laser hair removal treatment. Those hairs will fall out almost like magic at that time. It’s mystical how it happens almost exactly after 14 days. That response is related to the different phases of hair growth.

During a laser treatment, hair follicles are only affected during their active growth phase. Dormant hair follicles can not be treated at that time. As they become active, subsequent laser treatments will remove them also. That’s why it takes multiple treatments for laser hair removal to work effectively.

Touch ups may be required. Find out now why more men and women today are choosing laser hair removal for their unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is becoming more popular every year.

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