Transgender/Transsexual Friendly Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh

Transgender/Transsexual Friendly Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh

Transgender/Transsexual Laser Hair Removal Tips and Checklist: Your Ultimate Guide

Consider the Following Six Transgender Laser Hair Removal Questions


#1.  Does The Laser Office Have Experience Treating Transgender and Transsexual Individuals?

Everyone with unwanted hair is embarrassed by it to some degree. Our laser specialist has spent seventeen years working in the field of gender reassignment. We are experienced in the field. You will not get any sales pitches. There are no contracts to sign.

Dr. Happel has previous experience with the transgender community by speaking, giving seminars and attending Transpitt meetings (a transgender support group in Pittsburgh). We have worked with both the president and vice president of TransPitt.  Dr. Happel stated, “We have successfully helped many people get great results.”

As the chief of surgery at South Side Hospital, Dr. Happel worked closely with the surgeons performing transgender surgery at that hospital.

#2.  Do They Treat You with Care?

How do you measure friendliness?  Unfortunately, I can’t communicate online with the same nuance or level of expression as when talking with you face to face. Nonverbal body language and cues cannot be expressed on the written page.

However, when you arrive and speak with us, you will discover how we distinguish ourselves. We offer compassion, concern, and consideration.

Please listen this testimonial from our transsexual patient’s experience at our laser hair removal center.


#3.  Do They Understand Your Needs and Wishes?

Is your goal a more feminine visibility to the world? Considering gender reassignment?

Do the laser hair removal professionals understand your innate, deeply felt psychological sexual identification, which may or may not correspond to your external body or assigned sex at birth? Laser hair removal offers you one of the first steps towards your true gender expression.

In your heart, you feel that a change will be beneficial with the help of the right experienced medical professionals.  In your head, you know that a change is your right.

Come in to discuss your concerns. It may sound cliché but your concerns really are really ours. Our goal is ultimately to provide you with realistic expectations and meet or surpass those expectations.

#4.  Do They Give You Encouragement?

We offer empathy, kindness and tenderness. We understand that the correct and positive transgender visibility is important to you. Our desire is to rid you of your unwanted hair.

That gives you more confidence and self-assurance in your decision or just in your daily life. We feel fortunate to assist and watch our patients go through their growth and affirmation process. It is astounding how the removal of unwanted hair can benefit an individual’s personal growth and confidence.

#5.  Do They Listen and Offer Support?

Support means consideration for your daily struggles, obstacles and psychological needs.

Our goal includes providing a service to satisfy the diverse needs of transgender and transsexual individuals. We understand your needs for more holistic care. Laser hair removal is important in the affirmation of your true gender identity.

#6.  Do You Trust the Laser Hair Removal Office?

Trust is important. We are a respected and established private doctor’s office with experience.

We demonstrate our honesty by not over promising or under delivering.

Please read our laser hair removal Google reviews here.

Our goal in doing laser hair removal in patient’s considering transgender change is to help with your assertion of your own personal truth.

You can place your full trust in our physician’s office and our medical professionals. Please read all of our laser hair removal reviews from YELP, Google, and here.

Read our Healthgrades reviews here.

Doctor’s Laser Hair Removal Office Versus a National Laser Chain

Do you really want to consider a laser hair removal chain? It doesn’t seem very friendly when the ad for hiring the laser specialist requires the following:

  • Experienced negotiator and strong closer in a short sales cycle.
  • Proven track record of exceeding annual revenue and profit targets
  • Ability to be able to “Up sell”

With these stated requirements of their employees in mind, how reputable can they be in your process of gender affirmation? Do they regard ethics and truth as much as achieving their business and financial goals?


We all want to be treated with respect. If the employees at the laser chains complain that their management is not respecting their employees themselves, will those values be transferred to you as a customer?

These following reviews complain of a greedy, hostile and threatening work environment. High turnover with nurses who are not experienced because they do not come from the aesthetic field are common complaints.

Almost all of their nurses have been trained in traditional hospital nursing. Therefore, they are not familiar with working an aesthetic field like laser hair removal.

On former employees complain of unattainable goals and no ability to communicate with managers. Some complain of a hostile work environment and being treated with lack of respect. Other employees mentioned ethical issues. Type in and search any company or read the following link to learn more. To uncover the untold stories about the experiences at national laser franchises, click here to discover the truth.

Laser hair removal patients (they call them guests or customers) say they felt pressured into signing papers. If they offer you a lifetime guarantee, read their small print. Beware of this kind of a business model.

Your “Spidey-sense” should be tingling if you find yourself in this type of situation.

 We are the default choice. You will feel comfortable and safe in our medical office.

In our medical office, there are no contracts. There is no fine print. We offer a medical service at an affordable and fair price. That is the truth.


You deserve to be happy.

We truly are transgender and transsexual friendly. We will respect your wishes.

At Happel Laser, we understand that the transgender community faces unique challenges in acceptance, public understanding, discrimination and unique health problems.

Laser hair removal doesn’t have to be another challenge in your life.

We love to treat everyone who needs our help. Transgender and transsexual individuals are some of our most appreciative patients. As a doctor’s office, we have unique qualifications that cannot be met in spas or laser chains.

We provide support, empathy and respect in a trusted environment by experienced medical personnel. We feel that there is something innately human about providing this service.

Compare prices. We are more affordable. There are no expensive packages or contracts.

In addition, we are more experienced doing laser hair removal and treating transgender and transsexual individuals.

We respect your need for privacy, confidentiality and your quest for self-determination. It is our hope that our medical office provides a safe haven.

Finally, our political leaders including President Obama and Governor Tom Wolf are working towards a world of inclusion. We strongly oppose oppression in your struggle for social acceptance.

Call us at 724-969-0600 to learn more. Let’s find out more here.

About The Author

Dr. John Happel

Dr. John Happel has been in practice as a surgeon since 1986 in the Pittsburgh region. He specializes in vascular surgery and has subspecialized in the treatment of varicose and spider veins since 1999. Dr. Happel is board certified in vascular surgery and recertified in vascular surgery in 2012. He was chosen in 1985 to fulfill the position for the vascular surgical fellowship at the world renowned Mayo Clinic.

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