Do you find yourself daydreaming about swimsuits, shorts, and sandals?

Love the way your legs look and feel when they are freshly waxed or shaved? Do you wish you could have that smoothness permanently? You can!

Winter is the perfect time to think about laser hair removal. The three main reasons are: timing, weather, and skin condition.

While the results of each laser hair removal treatment are permanent, you will need multiple treatments to get the hair-free skin that you want.

Lasers treat hair follicles best when they are in their active state of growth. Because hair grows in cycles, and in order to get the best results possible from each laser hair removal treatment, you’ll need several treatments. This will ensure that you’re treating as many active hair follicles as possible and is a key part in getting the best results.

Since your treatments need to be spaced out, starting your laser hair removal in the fall or winter will allow you enough time to get in several treatments before the weather warms up again in the spring and summer. This is the perfect time for laser hair removal treatments in the Pittsburgh area.

Unlike the spring and summer months, you won’t be spending as much time outside during the winter. This means you will have a lot less damage to the skin to worry about before and after treatment. Treated skin can be more sensitive to sunlight in most laser treatments.

You will also be spending more time indoors overall, which will give your body the proper time to heal between treatments. Having laser hair removal done in the winter months will leave your skin in great shape for fun in the sun.

Laser hair removal also works best on skin that is pale and untanned. If you have it done in the summer while you have a tan, you may need more treatment sessions than you would in the winter.

Although shaving and trimming are okay, for best results we ask you to avoid removing hair through waxing, plucking, or electrolysis for several weeks before receiving laser treatments. That’s another reason to have laser hair removal in the colder months. Many women find it much easier to skip their usual waxing routine in the winter when they’re covered up in clothing.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, it is permanent reduction. In that regard, it is a permanent hair removal solution. However, it usually means that it requires some maintenance to stay hair free. Maintenance may not be what you want.

Laser hair removal gives you what you need. It is:

  • Effective
  • Precise
  • Cost efficient
  • Quick
  • Easy

Home hair removal products, remedies, gadgets, kits and machines won’t give you what you need.

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